Superman Red

Superman Red

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    no one could ever buy him as a reporter with that bod. look at his forearms, he looks like the hulk. DC fail


    “I’M POOPIN!”


    I seem to remember one feeble attempt to explain it a very long time ago as Supes having some sort of Kryptonian hypnotic device built into his glasses that made what could only be described as an S.E.P. field* so that his face never really registered in people’s memories.

    *(3 internet points to the ones that recognize the reference.)


    Would have been funnier if you had said “I’M DROPIN A DEUCE!”

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    S.E.P field: Somebody Else’s Problem Field
    I’ll accept my internet points in cash, check or bacon.


    I pay out only in bacon or Taylor ham, cash if for those losers with no appreciation of pig meat products.