Astronauts: Past and Present

from the NASA POTD


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    Q What shampoo did NASA give the Challenger astronauts?
    A Head and Shoulders

    Q Where did the Challenger astronauts spend their last vacation?
    A All over a Florida beach

    Q What does NASA stand for?
    A Need Another Seven Astronauts

    Q How many astronauts can you fit into a Volkswagen Bug?
    A 11, two in the front, two in the back, and seven in the ashtray

    Q What did the tv announcer say after the Challenger exploded?
    A No, no, I meant BUD-light!

    Q What did Christa M. say to her husband before she left that morning?
    A You feed the dog, I’ll feed the fish.


    Thanks, nate. I haven’t heard those since grade school.

    You forgot the one about what color her eyes were, though.

    And yes, they were blue. One blew this way, one blew that way.


    I hadn’t heard those.

    Some part of me wants to laugh at them, but the part of me that isn’t an evil asshole finds them abhorrent.


    The evil part of me wants to add this one, and the good part is out of town:

    How do we know Christa M. was the best teacher ever?

    She only blew up in front of her class once.


    I don’t think I see Lisa Nowak there, that crazy astronaut kidnapper.


    Yeah, I’m with Phat Stack where is the diaper lady?

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