Palin’s Experience

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    *applaud* This is the kind of comedy I come here to see! YES!!!


    As far as having a woman as President goes, she is a far sight better than Hillary IMHO…

    So I fail to see the humor.


    Is it my imagination of does McCain always look like he’s trying to swallow a banana sideways?


    “or does”…

    I used to be able to type, see what drinking does to you?


    I lul’d fuckin hard.


    “As far as having a woman as President goes, she is a far sight better than Hillary IMHO…

    “So I fail to see the humor.”

    Well, Bilbo, either you failing to see the humour stems from your own stupidity and low-level reading abilities, or you are genuinely butthurt really hard.

    Either way Bilbo’s comment is the cherry on top of this delicious cake of a macro.


    jesus caio.


    how much longer are you going to think that is clever?


    This is my impression of Bilbo seeing this image and discovering that not all Americans hold the exact same 3rd-grade reading-level, opinions and world view as himself: :*(


    Apparently longer than anyone else.


    “GO BILBO!”

    “BILBO ’08”


    I am the Bilbo.




    He’s really Lemmiwinks, the gerbil King!


    Oh Dildo Douchebaggins, you are tons o’ fun.


    His nickname is Bilbo because on the forums we were making fun of him and he really lost his centre and started saying he was wicca and he knew some wicca spells and we wouldn’t laugh so hard at him when we woke up with boils and warts.

    And he started spelling everything with extra e’s. Like ‘boiles and wartes’. It was really weird. Guy really lost his centre.


    Oh sweet baby jeebus no way! Which forum? I’ve gotta see this! Nothing like Olde Tyme Spells and Magicks! Roflmao!


    Next he’ll be saying he graduated the head of his class from Hogwarts or some other gayness of biblical proportions.


    ugh, man children giving high fives over children’s fiction flames…

    it is so full of 🙁


    Well Kidrythm, child health experts try to tell us that the kids should be kids when young, or they will experience periods of immaturity later on in life,

    and when these kids hit 40 they might finally grow out of it and act mature, lose their virginity, etc


    Oh look, tards of a feather flocking together. I hope the two of you live happily ever after….in Hobbiton or wherever you choose to settle down.

    Kommissar, has it happened to you yet? Remember, your hand, mom, sister and family pets don’t count.


    quite a few of the members here will be excited to know that they will finally see the parts of a woman covered by underwear…


    garble made another children’s fiction flame…


    I lol’d.

    Still waiting for the “I’m sure no one will believe me…” joke on this one.

    Kidrythm, as far as HRC goes, HRC has more brains in her pinky than the entire Mrs. Palin. And I really don’t like HRC.


    I am sure you are life long friends with both ladies therefor highly qualified to make that judgement in a post on the interwebz.


    I think you’re missing the joke, Biblo: Your wicca beliefs sound as childish to us and Harry Potter does to you.

    No offence but wicca isn’t even a real religion.


    Hmm, dirty, bastardly, and underhanded.

    But really feckin’ funny.

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