Atheism – There isn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow either

Atheism - There isn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow either

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    How do they KNOW there’s no pot of gold? Hmm?


    because rainbows don’t have endings


    Sure they do, they end where the light refraction ends.


    no pot of gold- and no BULLSHIT waiting for us in the “afterlife”, either.

    religion is the biggest bullshit story ever told.


    In before people who hate…oh, never mind.


    No shit, Storminator! I haven’t heard that sentiment on the internet before thanks for keeping me up to date!!!


    Even if there was a pot of gold, it would be suspended in mid-air somehow (and therefore be of much more value to science for antigravity research).


    Face palm moment…


    glad I could help, CIAO- you might want to try looking up “atheism” on wilkpedia to further enhance your obviously lacking knowledge base…

    tiki god

    lol. I think you’re both missing the point


    Rainbows = circles.


    Atheism, like religion, assumes knowledge that mankind doesn’t have and is probably incapable of having. Ergo, it’s just as bad.


    When you use words like “ergo” it almost sounds like you know what you are talking about.


    That actually sounds more like the definition of agnosticism. Atheism is more about the denial of the existence of god/s (limiting knowledge to experience), whereas agnosticism says that kind of knowledge (pro or con) of the essential nature or inherent truth of things are unknowable; sort of Hume vs Kant. I understand that it’s more involved than this, but I am generalizing.


    Actually, strict atheism is very unscientific. By totally denying all existence of a God, afterlife or what-have-you you are being very closed minded. Science is all about the search for the truth, and being open to possibilities, not saying “Oh, I can’t see any evidence, therefore there is none”

    Luke Magnifico

    What scientific knowledge do you have that you didn’t get out of a book? At worst, religion is a theory that can never be proven.

    But that means it can never be disproved, either.

    If you’re going to go around preaching the value of science over belief, then at least be scientific about it.


    What’s his name up there brought up an interesting point: In anthropology circles, and amongst small society historians, the term “atheistic religion” is used for band/tribal/chiefdom-based religions that don’t have gods. For example, the local tribe here doesn’t have anthropomorphic immortal entities (essentially a definition of God in these circles): Only mythological mortal entities (most of whom died in the mythology), and immortal, transcendent spiritual entities without personalities or the ability to speak, feel human emotions, or anything else human like etc.

    So, technically, many atheists do believe in an after life and transcendent spiritual forces. Local Shaman on the Reserve is definitely an atheist.


    If it makes thinking easier for you christ-heads, pretend that the “a” in atheist means “not”.


    Korinthian, you’re an atheist without a formal secondary education. You know, most atheists I’ve met IRL have been shamanic elders.

    Tell me, do you, like the atheists I’ve met, accept a cosmology in which hereditary spirit ancestors of animals created the earth, and the Great Spirit permeates all?


    cosmology makes ugly women pretty……..



    Alec Dalek

    deuce, LukeV1-5, TGGeko, it’s very telling that you put so much effort into dismissing something that threatens your limited world view. Oh the irony of using “reasoning” to counter rationalism.

    We may not be able to explain everything at this point in history, but there is WAY MORE evidence to prove the Atheist or Agnostic point of view than that of beliefs rising out of some broads refusal to admit she fooled around.

    And if there is a god (and may very well be), why is it they always send their angels to reveal their desires to people that are alone at the time, with no witnesses? Seems like the thing to do is to wait until there’s about a couple hundred of us standing around to reveal their message. To do otherwise just makes it seem like religion is always authored by some crackpot.


    Ok I really hate to point this out because I think it’s bullshit and also it’s caused me annoying traffic jams but: Fátima. Thousands of witnesses claimed to have seen the virgin Mary being all dramatic and shit. Thousands. During Fátima month in Portugal they show documentaries with old footage all these elderly witnesses describing it.

    I still think it’s a load of bullshit, but I’m just saying.


    Hmmm. . . Is it still closed minded to be atheist when one has done their homework time and time again, researching this and that, and coming to the conclusion time and time again that God does not exist, at least not in the way the Christfags believe in? No, it doesn’t make me closed minded, thank you.

    The world was around before Christianity, a long time more, or are you Christians going to tell me that dinosaurs and cavemen were put here by the devil like some of these southern preachers? I’m using simple terms for the Religious. If Christianity / Judaism was the ONE TRUE religion, why is it such a recent invention in human history. 3000-4000 years at most, when there are some tribes in S.American, various islands, etc, for 50,000 years or more, care to explain that? Or is carbon dating a devil’s ploy too?


    I do, however, like the story of the leprechaun and the pot of gold more than the new testament. The *old* testament is great stuff, though.


    @alec to test your faith. geez thats obvious


    doesnt all religions are only “beliefs”? i mean for example daltonics belive that the color red is black because theyre decease make them see it in a diferent way, and until someone tells the they arent seeng it diferent they belive its just another thing beliefs are just that beliefs if someone belive in god or not god or blah its just an stupid belief thats all. and no one should push its ideas or beliefs in someone else just becuase them are diferent.


    That was a lot of typing for a post that makes no fucking sense!

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