Sandstorm in Iraq

sand010.jpg (40 KB)

sand013.jpg (45 KB)

sand016.jpg (41 KB)

They’re all so tiny in comparison.

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    tiki god

    shit’s been posted like 5 times now, but these pictures never get old. that’s some serious wtf stormin


    Is called an Haboob.


    It’s basically a thunderstorm that causes a sandstorm. Yeah, as tiki said, some serious WTF.


    like from the mummy, crazyness


    Wow, how long does this last?


    Depends. Some might just blow over in a few minutes, others might be part of a bigger sandstorm that lasts for hours, even days.

    I think my worst one was probably in Kuwait. It wasn’t a massive wall of sand like this picture, but we were walking to go grab some lunch, and out of nowhere, without any warning at all, the sand just got kicked up. I literally lost sight of the guys I was walking with, who were within a couple of feet of me. It only lasted for about 30 seconds, though.

    For me, the worst part was never the storm itself, but the results of it. When I say sand got everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE.


    Wow… Now THAT is a sandstorm… I’d hate to have to clean up after that…


    Did you even get it in your vagina?


    It’s more likely than you think.


    Tons, Garbled. Tons. I was douching for days.


    suck my diiiiiiick

    i’m a sandstorm

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