Sandycove (Irish: Cuas an Ghainimh)

ireland-1112436140-2003-IE-027.jpg (99 KB)

The 40 Foot, Sandycove, interesting info at:

Pic found at:


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    This place is alright, went down there last year. Nothing to rave about. The famous “mens bathing area” is so filthy you couldn’t bathe in it and allows women in. Maybe that’s why it’s famous.


    Some photography techniques are starting to get really old and dull. Fuck please post a long-exposure waterfall next.


    I used to live near there, in Shankill, and this picture really glosses over how dirty the place is. Not to mention there’s not a fornicating 13-year old anywhere to be seen.


    I work down the road. Not really all that mystic just kinna manky, lots of cold people swimming on new years day and the like.


    nyokki: yer always posting pretty, gurl

    Luke Magnifico

    I live up the road from here. Killiney.

    it is kinda nice like this around dawn.

    We drink on this little shingle beach just around the corner and about 100 yards down the coast.

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