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    I know how to play a didgereedoo. I also sell them, if anyone is interested.


    Ahem! Just a grammar nazi warning.

    You SELL and PLAY a didgeridoo yet you cannot even spell it correctly. I might have been interested in a didgeridoo but what the fuck is a didgereedoo. I dont want those.


    There are about million different ways people spell the word. Also, since the name was probably mirthfully coined by an anglo who heard an aborigine playing one, it’s sort of moot. It was simply onomatopoeia. Anyway, here is a list of some common spellings/misspellings:
    didgeridoo, didjeridu, didjeridoo, didgeridu, digeridoo, dijeridoo, dijeridu, digereedoo, dijerido and digerido.

    Either way, I have these things sitting around, and when I blow into them they make noise. I have a few dozen of them left, and they are made of bamboo.


    hahaha, nice. But in all seriousness I’m not interested in a didgeridoo, didgeridoo, didjeridu, didjeridoo, didgeridu, digeridoo, dijeridoo, dijeridu, digereedoo, dijerido and/or digerido.


    i bet his balls are nasty


    I’ll bet his pubes are dreaded like his hair.


    The Oxford English Dictionary lists four alternative spellings.

    I’m sorry, but not every word has one standard spelling, and the most respected Dictionary in the history of the world suggests that Tardex is wrong.


    Looks a bit like Nick Nolte’s mug shot, only not as bad.


    I’ll forgive Tardex if he buys a didg from me…

    tiki god

    damn, if you send me one, I’ll play it on youtube. it’ll be awesome.

    and painful to listen to, but still awesome


    I’m sure no one will believe me, so I don’t know why even I’m posting this, but:
    I fucked him.
    It was almost exactly a year ago. I was visiting a friend who goes to law school at UWA. We went out to an aboriginal salsa club (which is one of the few non-nerdy I do well). After dancing a bit, he told me his name and there was a pause, like I should be impressed, and she said, “you know, from The outback?”. And was I was like, “Yeah, I’m from Seattle.” and he laughed. So ended up going back to my friend’s hut, drank some wine, then he took his girlfriend home, and well…
    Anyway, I didn’t realize who he was until I got home and tried to look-up his number on-line.
    I think I’ve still got some picture on my old cell phone. I’ll check when I get home.

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