Fat Versus Skinny Anatomy

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    Rule 34.


    I hate you Diabeetus. I have seen enough fat first hand and did not need to see anymore. You are the worst kind of people. Thank you for making me vomit a tiny bit in my mouth.


    There is a very cool exhibit that tours, saw it here in Chicago a few years ago, I think this is from that exhibit. Its all about bodies donated to science and essentially turned into plastic. Even had a woman 8 months pregnant when she died, allowed them to still do it, with the baby, since it wouldn’t have survived. Creepy, but fascinating.


    Only looks fat from the front.


    There was a program in aus, with Jamie Oliver (the celebrity chef) showing people the effects of theyre shitty diets. There is a celebrity who actually does the autopsies of people on TV, and he cut open this big fat guy. Thats what that reminds me of.


    Is that fat in her brain?


    That was probably the Body World exhibit. Kewl stuff.


    I think those are likely the backs of the eyes. For sure not fat.


    Yeah, that was it, too lazy to bother looking the name up last night.


    There was another exhibit going around though, had alot more controversy around it. The Body Worlds exhibit had proof the people had donated their bodies to science, the other one was lacking in that department. Many questions about where they got the people to cut up and such.



    tiki god

    yes but no


    Actually it was Body world that had some contraversy. They had proof of some ‘donations’ but not all.

    I went to the exhibit when they came to Science World in Vancouver – it was fascinating. And the bodies weren’t turned into plastic, they were ‘laminated’ or something like that, to preserve them.

    I remember seeing the ‘slice’ of the fat person compared to the thin person (it was literally a slice of the body – about an inch thick) and being fascinated and grossed out at the same time.

    Best. Exhibit. Ever.


    It WAS Body Worlds that had some controversy. Most of the bodies were from China and it was impossible to verify if all the people or their families had, in fact, freely donated the bodies or whether they were just acquired by the authorities — i.e., derelicts and deceased prisoners. Anyway, that was the gist of the controversy.

    purple banana

    With the plastination technique, warm liquid plastic would be injected into the body via the carotid artery after all the blood is drained out (very similar to preserving bodies with formaldehyde post-mortem). The plastic polymer infiltrates every blood vessel down to the tiniest capillary, essentially preserving the color, shape, and basic anatomy of each organ, and the body is posed within an hour. After the plastic cools, it hardens, and stays that shape almost indefinitely. Our med class got to see a live (or dead, haha) demonstration of this procedure with a section of a horse. It was AWESOME.


    Body Worlds is in Edmonton from June to October. They want $30 a head to go see this stuff.

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