Steep Driveway

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    If I took a shit at the top of that drive way. How far would it go once it reached the bottom. Now u know why I never became a physics teacher.




    That’s pretty retarded of the construction company.


    ouch, but just think of when there is snow


    lame picture is lame.


    I bet this is from the South.


    I had a friend with a similar driveway. we were out drinking and an ice storm rolled in. By the time he got home, everything had a thick ice glaze. he was drunk and couldn’t get up the drive (walking) to get into the house. high comedy.

    That construction company needs to think of drunks before they do this sort of thing.


    This should be a warning to all architects… Sometimes.. it just looks like a good idea on paper…


    If any of you guys are Canadian like me, we know these are a problem. Here in Vancouver, I was rollerblading down a rather steep hill and the only way to stop was to ride it out till the flat highway, or hit the grass and bail. We found some steep driveways, about 65 degrees I would say, and they were a good 50 feet long, which stopped us. I never got this, anybody know why they would make them so damn steep? It seems it is always in places with harsh weather


    I’m fairly certain i cant even drive up that without leaving a nice strip of black plastic halfway up the bottom


    pretty damn stupid. Why the construction company considered this a decent idea despite beating the unholy fuck out of nearly any car is beyond me.


    I don’t think my car would make that angle…

    I’d bash the front valance at the bottom, and scrape the undercarriage at the top.

    Dumb Design.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You have to elevate the houses like that so they don’t flood. Rain storm + living at the bottom of a mountain = not able to insure your house if its not flood proofed and a big part of that is building it up high like that.


    Wow that makes sense. I kinda feel stupid for not thinking of that.


    They were likely too lazy to dig the basement, so they just dropped it on top, and threw dirt around it. At least the basement could have near full sized windows though.


    I am curious to find out how they got the concrete to set-up at an angle like this and not look like a large, hard blob at the bottom!!

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