Interesting Urinal

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    tiki god

    Pissy music?


    Naw, just a good way to fuck with band geeks.


    Awwwww, Tiki,
    i used to play this horn for concerts, orchestra, dance band, solo recietals and full stageproductions. There’s a spit-valve at the botttom , so you can drain it…. Women love it when you hit the High-notes!!!!


    Some body didn’t like band. . .


    I like this b/c I hated band.


    etiii, you can’t hit high notes on that thing


    i want this


    One night, a man comes home slightly drunk and his wife (who is suspecting he’s cheating on her) questions his whereabouts…
    “Where were you?”
    “I was at a new bar called the Golden Bar. Everything is golden.”
    “Sure you were. There’s no such place.”
    “There is. They have huge golden doors, golden floors, and even golden urinals.”
    “Uh-huh, sure there is.”
    So, the next day the wife looks through the phone book for this golden bar. Sure enough, there was a Golden Bar.
    She decides to call up and check this out for herself…
    “Is this the Golden Bar?”
    “Yes, it is.”
    “Do you have huge golden doors?”
    “Yes, we do.”
    “Do you have golden floors?”
    “Yep, we have them too.”
    “What about golden urinals?”
    (speaking away from phone): “Hey Max, I think we have a lead on the guy that fouled your alto-sax.”

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