Pontiac Firebird 1971

4633_3.JPG (87 KB)

4c5e_3.JPG (69 KB)

Pontiac Firebird Formula with the 455 HO engine.

You guys can keep your Mustangs, your Camaros, I’d much rather have this classy lady above.

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    Original engine?


    all I have to say to that is…DAMN. Now thats a car…screw all the electronics and useless sensors in modern cars.


    9 MPG awesomeness.


    “Fancy lad” is my new nickname for someone here. I have jotted it down in a notepad file.


    I’m not a car buff, at all. But that is sexy. Always had a soft spot for those.


    wow. two Firebirds in one garage…

    sorry about your penis, dude.


    I used to have a ’70 Chevelle SS, 396. I loved that car. 8 mpg, I joked that it passed everything but the gas station. Your Firebird is a beauty.


    wait- is there a Corvette in the other stall??!! ROFLMFAO…..


    For me the all the 70’s muscle cars look pretty ugly.

    This one isn’t too bad but I’d much rather have a charger.


    I had a 1970 Firebird, buccaneer red, very little difference to the ’71 except for the grill grid and it didn’t have the Formula hood. Gawd, I miss that car.


    oops- sorry, my mistake. it is completely appropriate for a woman to drive a Firebird…

    nice car.


    It was 1982, I was 20 and stupid, I was going 100mph and did an unintentional Dukes of Hazard (the road was out and unmarked)and the under carriage was never quite right after that; so I sold her and regretted it ever sense, the kid totaled her within a month.
    At the same time I also had a 1972 Challeger and the kid who bought that killed himself in it a few days after he bought it. Two beautiful cars gone because drunk driving.

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