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just read it? loved it. any opinions?

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    One of my all-time favorites. I’m still awed by the intricacy of all the details, even having read it three times in a row, and I’m hoping the movie turns out well.

    Also, first comment!

    tiki god

    If I have to, I’ll make a filter to kill all “first post” and “first comment” bullshit from ever happening.

    anyways. yes. this comic rawked. the movies look like they’re going to rawk too.

    movies? oh, yeah, MOOVIES.


    I’m just about to finish it. Just a few pages left. It’s great! but the movie looks like it isn’t going to be that good since they’re modernizing it.
    that’s just my opinion


    Freaking awesome!


    Just about to read it… Will get back to you


    Watchmen is basically X-Men set in the 1980s and made 100 times moar realistic.

    Lord Cocksworth

    Just read it about a month ago, then I made my dad read it. Amazing.

    Here’s a fun little game: go through again and see how many times you can spot that blood-splattered smiley (or even the splatter itself).

    tiki god

    lol what? the movie is exactly like the comic. no changes. none. obviously some omissions, but it’s in the same, time and setting as in the comic.



    Personally, the comic didn’t do that much for me. I liked it. But I just don’t think its as awesome as everyone seems to think.

    I think I’ll likely enjoy the movie more but that might depend a bit if the movie is so close an adaptation that it includes the same plot holes as the comic. Or maybe explain them better. I never really understood Rorschach and the Comedians actions in the comic as they pertain to Ozymandias’s plan. Just didn’t make much sense to me.



    In the movie Nite Owl seems like Batman, in the comic his costume was ridiculous and he was fat.

    Also Rorschach costume is pretty clean than the comic


    yeah, I don’t know where I read that about it being modernized.
    though you can get an animated version of the comic on iTunes for free. i watched the first chapter and it’s pretty cool


    That may be true but it’s still set in the same time-period. Some things wont work for cinema, you have to deal with that. I’ve only read the first one, but I will be plowing on. It’s very promising.

    tiki god

    I’m not sure you’re seeing the same comic as I was…or wait. You’re thinking the flashback in the trailer was the ‘current’ Nite Owl? The prison scene is from back when they were all trim and fit and were on the same team. Also: Nite Owl IS batman. The writer (Alan Moore) originally wanted it to be an elseworlds tale, but due to the subject matter (rape, rape, and mass murder and more rape) the DC editors said no. Justifiably so imho, as I think it works out better as it’s own little universe so we don’t bring all the preconceived notions that we have from the characters we know and love

    At least, that’s what I thought.


    Rorschach was a pimp in the comics. Hopefully he’s as much so in the movie.

    It was funny because it had a group of would-be superheroes, a real superhero, and God, basically. I would feel so outclassed.


    well those two characters are supposed to have a certain ambiguity of it all, and rorschach is like the anti-hero in the whole thing, though he is the only one who is uncompromising in his morals…making him the only hero at the same time sorta

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