Nerf maverick in progress

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I’ve removed the pressure regulators, modified the chamber to swing all the way out, custom built a laser from a keychain laser and an aluminum box i found, rewired it so that the switch you see by the trigger turns it on, I switched out the bearing in the front from plastic to a brass fitting, added another spring on the trigger to give it better action, solidified the clutch for the trigger and the chamber revolver to be one piece, and of course lots of wiring and batteries and such, oh and the bottom light you see you can buy as an accessory except it mounts on the top where you see the little orange square I wasn’t into that so i modded it so I could have it on the bottom. I have a few other things to do and of course I’m gonna paint it.

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    Dude, you seriously need to get in ARs if you like tinkering with damn near everything on a gun and nerf doesnt provide a product with the range your looking for.

    Oh, and that hot piece of modded plastic sexiness needs a replay button.


    That’s pretty hot, any special ammo or stuff?


    Soooo Geeky, but I can’t criticize anyone who would put so much effort and affection into something so fun and silly.


    I played HvZ (humans vs Zombies) at Penn State last semester and gonna do it again this fall. I have one of these too. I’ve modded it (it kinda sucks stock), AR removal, chamber swing, trigger fix, put 3 pennies behind the main spring, put an air restrictor spring in from of the chamber to push it back for a slightly better seal. The laser with the nice integrated switch is awesome, I’d do it but then the gun wouldn’t be approved for HvZ use cause of Penn State’s stupid policy against laser pointers.


    You guys should try Vagina sometime

    it’s better than nerf, trust me

    Luke Magnifico

    Natedog, you stole my line.

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