Gender specific bathroom signs

IMG_1614.JPG (61 KB)

I thought these were neat. Taken at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

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    Luke Magnifico

    She’s pretty hot.


    i used to live in south florida, and i rented this apartment that had a mirror for one of the walls.

    anyway, i did this chick up against it and the next day there was a sweaty imprint on the mirror that looked like this

    tl;dr the chick up there looks like she is getting it from behind


    I take it the guys for the guys loos, and vice versa? Cause, im a guy, and i’d much rather go into the room with a naked lady pushed up against the door….amirite?


    She may be hot, but he’s coming up short.

    Billy Manic

    Waaiiiit, why is HE pressed up against the glass?

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