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    thats some nasty ass coffee


    orgasm in a cup
    (good or bad?)


    They opened one in town here a few months ago and put a really nice local shop that made great coffee and cinnamon buns out of business.

    Seems that none of the locals go there but the commuters started because they mistakenly believe that shitty tasting $8 coffee is better that really good freshly made $2 coffee.

    Oh yeah, and the shitbucks sits about thirty feet closer to the road than the old local outfit and has a drive-thru.

    So being fat and lazy also had a hand in closing them down.

    Next it’ll be that you just drive up and they’ll shoot the crap coffee down your throat with a hose…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Starbucks is some of the worst coffee out there. That’s why they push “coffee drinks”, like Frappuccinos and crap, to cover up the low quality of their coffee.


    Overrated franchise is overrated.



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    Caffeine Conspiracy


    Starfucks is a ZIONIST company

    that’s an occult logo

    it’s ISIS as a Mer

    @hvymetal – foamy is funny


    I worked for Starbucks for a year. The coffee is good if your store doesn’t suck balls, A.K.A I work there.


    I agree with Morrock. Who the hell pays that much for coffee? Best coffee I ever had cost $2.50 for a large, and it was in this nice café with a nice view, and really friendly people who played Yo-yo Ma and shit. It’s the best damn place in the world. Those people can somehow stay solvent and less than half the price so how the fuck does Starbucks justify it?


    At starbucks its $2.25 for the biggest size if you just get regular coffee.

    It’s the more complicated drinks that start to cost a lot. none of them are $8 unless you get a whole bunch of extra shit in them and then everyone hates you.

    Starbucks charges more because they pay a lot more for the coffee they buy. They don’t buy the beans they buy the trees that the coffee grows on and pay the farmers a lot of money to keep them in good order. Plus they pay the people that work at the stores a lot. In Ontario minimum wage right now is $8.75 and the lowest starting pay at starbucks is $9.25.


    you know, not every fucking post has to do with the underbelly of elitist society

    and kero, you sound like a starbucks propaganda misinformation agent

    The Dude

    Ok firstly the $tarbuks logo is not only a “zionist” symbol it’s origins are of a satanic means. Look it up you might learn something.


    It’s pagan, not satanic, and it’s just one more thing starsucks has stolen.


    And Kero, if they pay so much for it why does it taste like ass?


    Marrock: Probably because you’re so used to watered down shit, that you don’t know what real coffee tastes like?


    everyone had their coffee enema?

    wave of the future, that.


    I personally like their fucking coffee. That’s probably because I drank the vile shit they have in the Army that comes from concentrate for almost ten years.

    Now I much prefer to grind my own drip coffee and make my own espresso drinks at home. It’s a lot cheaper and it tastes pretty fucking good.


    No Max, but it looks like Kero could use one, he seems awfully tense about folks taking jabs at his precious shitbucks and that brown water they laughingly call coffee.


    Or could it be that you just have your panties in a bunch because you can’t go to your “mom & pop” coffee shop and drink coffee there and be smug about how you aren’t supporting capitalist America anymore.
    I’ve seen plenty of other coffee shops right beside a Starbucks stay in business so maybe that other coffee shot just didn’t know how to do their job?

    also nice blog fur-fag.


    I agree… Why blame to company that is obviously giving people what they want?

    Seems to me that ol’ ma and pop fell asleep at the wheel.

    I would rather blame all the lazy fat asses that kicked ma’ and pop to the curb.


    Not sure exactly what you’re talking about since you’re the one losing his nut over a coffee shop, I’ve just been having a laugh at your expense.

    But then again, I keep forgetting that the internet is serious business.


    $tarbucks $ucks


    I usually brew at home or drink gas station coffee, but I’d drink starfucks because I love coffee.

    If you put anything in your coffee except more coffee, you suck.

    Alec Dalek

    If nobody buys $5 coffee’s, who are all those people that got to Starbucks and buy $5 coffee’s? I hear the chain does quite well for itself.


    the coffee is usually swill because they pay their baristas so shitty that they rarely care to make it properly. the beans are just fine, swipe a bag when they ain’t looking and try some at home. Or try this, go in when it’s moderately busy, take a bag off the shelf and when you get to the counter say “hey, i’m sorry these were given to me as a gift, but i don’t have a grinder… would you mind?’s for a flat bottom filter.(or cone or whatever) thanks.” you win.

    Mind you, there is a very wide variety of coffee beans and coffee from latin america tastes a hell of a lot different from coffee from africa or the asian pacific. pay attention to what kind of coffee you are drinking, everyone has different tastes. And a bold roasted fresh ground coffee is a lot different from freeze dried pre-ground canned coffee.

    Those $5 drinks are the ones bought by bimbos, queers and yuppies …triple decaf venti five pump suger free non fat xtra hot caramel mackiatty..

    I worked there for a year, hated it. evil heartless company that might look good on paper buts fails in practice (look at their stocks). I stayed as long as I did, because caffeine is a very addictive drug, and my co-workers were hot. I recommend ya’ll find your local roaster and buy beans from them. get a grinder for $10 bucks, and forget the homogenized artificial culture that greasy snakeoil salesmen howard shultz is peddling.

    Granted, like Kero says, if you happen upon a starbucks where there is a Barista in particular who knows what they are doing, and actuslly cares about coffee, they will make a good pot of java. but the intelligent and conscientious folk who work there, usually move on pretty quickly, and just the bubble heads remain who don’t care or even like coffee. When I was there, I was the only one who even liked coffee. everyone else hated it, just liked the frappacinos and sugery milk drinks.

    Oh, and as far as the logo/viral sigil goes.. ignorant people pipe up immediately with those words “satanic” and “pagan” ; but sigil magic has been around since we first drew pictures on cave walls. a brand logo, EVERY brand logo, is a spell of massive Intent. sent out into the world by a group of people with a shared will towards it’s outcome. Every time you see the logo, feel a desire for the product it’s connected to and act upon it; You fall victim to the spell.




    By that measure, look at MSFT. They must be a shit company with their stock all the way down at 26 dollars! Ohh and how about CSCO?? Yeah, they are a junk company too! Their stock is only 22 dollars pftpfptfptpt!

    At 14 dollars Starbucks is an incredible bargain. Buy it now and hold it until the economy turns around and all the idiots of the world start buying ridiculously priced coffee again.


    In Seattle, where all that started- we call it:


    I have met Howard Shultz several times at events I helped put together. Nice guy. Very tall, and 100% gay.


    oh yeah, we locals ahve a theory that he sold The Sonics because he didn’t get “what he wanted” out of it… if you know what i mean…

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