Blue man From Watchmen Movie

Blue man From Watchmen Movie

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    Alec Dalek

    Wow, the Blue Man group are ghosts now.


    Now that I’ve seen ths trailer, I think I can have some hope that “Watchmen” isn’t going to suck as much as everyone thinks it might.


    The movie should be a period piece. Why modernize it? The story was great as a Cold War hero character study. Why did Snyder think it was okay to make them all into latex-clad heroes? I’d rather see them in the crappy costumes they had in the book.

    I don’t know if the movie will suck a lot, or only suck a little, but I know that it will lack a lot of subtle touches that made the book as great as it is. 300 wasn’t that great. It was a good mindless popcorn flick, with homophobic and xenophobic overtones, and fun action.

    Snyder did a pretty good job adapting Frank Miller’s story, but Watchmen is much more complex and subtle than 300. He has his work cut out for him.


    I know exactly what you mean Camiam321. But since the only thing that they’re really updating are a few of Night Owl’s gadgets and the costumes I think that I’ll be able to sacrifice the cheesy undertones as long as the adaption stays true to the original story.

    What I’m even more concerned about is how the hell they’re gonna pull this off with a PG-13 rating.


    They’ll pull it off the same way The Dark Knight did: don’t intersperse your shots of torture, mass murder, and mayhem with unnecessary profanity or boobies.


    That’s Dr. Manhattan


    Why are there three of them…


    There are three of him because he exists simultaneously in many moments in time. He could duplicate himself using his crazy quantum abilities.


    Film takes place in 1985. It’s not an ‘updated’ version. Not sure how this will play with a general audience.


    phil, please define “unnecessary boobies”, I don’t think such a thing could possibly exist.


    Boobies that don’t further the plot and needlessly get a movie a higher rating are less than necessary.

    Unless the movie is Airplane.


    Ah yes, I remember Airplane.

    The scene you’re talking about was truly impressive on the big screen… dropped my popcorn and everything that night.

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