Danica Patrick – A Serious Race Car Driver

might be possible NSFW, but either way, would you ever see any other driver doing this kind of NSFW shit?

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    I guess that’s one way to get sponsers


    She just looks really angry at doing this, like they absolutely forced her to do it. This is about the prettiest woman that’s ever been posted on MCS. I like that she has more hip then breasts. Hips are a much more attractive feature then two sacks of floppy skin filled with fat, or for the most part on MCS, Silicone.

    The boots have to go. Those things are horrible, they’re like five sizes too big.


    Ya replace those boots with heels or something. I disagree though. I’d rather have a nice pair of tits than hips any day.

    Billy Manic

    do not want


    Hips? Where? I see no hips. I do see hip-bone though, is that what you’re all speaking of?


    Not hot. Not omnomable.

    Has no hips of which to speak, just prominent hip bones.

    Not pretty.

    Do not want.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    She is pretty hot, and I’m not sayin’ I wouldn’t hit that, but I bet she’s president of her local chapter of the Itty Bitty Titty Committie.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    She certainly stands and sits like a race car driver.

    Note to chick: put your knees together for everyone but your bf and your obgyn.


    This is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen passed off as sexy here. More cute, less sultry or whatever she’s looking awkward trying to be.


    yeah, “awkward” was the word I couldn’t think of when I was looking at the pics. I think she’s hot, but those were almost painful to look at – oddly posed and not sexy… almost goofy.


    By Hips, I mean, more hips then any other woman that’s been posted here at MCS. XD But yes, her posing is very awkward, but she is pretty. Yet, consider, this isn’t her day job, usually, and let’s hope she doesn’t get forced into this again. XD This is obviously marketed for the 13 year old boys who’s never seen flesh, or have yet to develop a taste for good posing. XD


    I don’t think she’s ugly, but you’re right, she’s more cute than sexy. She should really stop trying to do the whole “sexy/sultry” thing, it really isn’t her bag. I remember when she started hosting the Powerblock on HorsePower TV, her awkward way was rather painfully obvious.

    I think she’s picked up too many male mannerisms. Hanging around too many guys and wrenchheads seems to be anathema to the whole feminine body language thing.

    And then there’s the fact that she doesn’t quite have the prerequisite curves for it. She’s cute, but I think she should just accept she’s an incurable tomboy and stay behind the wheel…



    You need to go look at other women posted on MCS again. Seriously, this girl almost has concave hips.


    Danica Patrick isn’t a model- she’s a race car driver. In fact she is the ONLY race car driver I’d willingly have sex with. Even though she posed with the hunk of crap behind her. (That flame job is SO BAD…)

    I suppose all y’all wanna have sex wif JUNIOR, right? LOL

    But seriously, she did win an Indy car race- and that equals BAD ASS in my world.


    Regardless of her attractiveness, I’ve heard a few interviews with her and she has an enormous ego that no amount of nomability can make up for.


    Agreed. She was a special guest/presenter at our holiday party, and I was so disappointed with her personality. She seemed insipid and full of herself!

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