Summer Glau – Black and White

Summer Glau - Black and White

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    Is that river from serenity? or am I seeing shit?


    That is the actress who plays River. The actress name is Summer Glau. She is not actually River. She may even have a normal enough personality that I could woo her and marry her and live quite happily with her forever and ever and ever.


    I’m rootin for you.


    Am I the only person who thinks of her as the crazy woman from the 4400?


    I think of her as the crazy woman in general, because she does it so well. 4400, Firefly, Terminator… I saw her in The Unit about a year ago where she was just playing some normal chick, and I was like, dude this is weird. You need to go do something crazy Ms. Glau, coz you’re freaking me out.

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