Pool’s Closed

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    1. Exacerbate says:

      Perfect example of putting racism where it’s not. It was probably some douchebag teenager who thought it would be hilarious. The kid probably had no racist intentions.

    2. Kolossos says:

      This was actually something from 4chan www.encyclopediadramatica.com/index.php/The_Great_Habbo_Raid_of_July_2006.
      Pool’s actually closed due to AIDS.

    3. schzoidmac says:

      talk about a culture clash. online vs. IRL. next it will be a report about cats banned from McDonalds.

    4. pauld says:

      Are you freakin’ serious Exacerbate?

      I think it’s pretty clear that it was a racist sign. This imaginary “douchebag teenager’s” intentions are irrelevant. The sign speaks for itself.

    5. goatsgomoo says:

      Pool’s closed due to AIDS, diabeetus, and stingrays. The stingrays have AIDS and diabeetus.

      Anyways, it’s sad that something that originated as a protest against racism was mistaken for a racist sign.

    6. Luke Magnifico says:

      Know ye people not of “POOL’S CLOSED”?

      Seriously, you people lose, like, I don’t know, a whole heap of internets.

    7. Exacerbate says:

      I see nothing of racist value in the picture. If there was some white person in a hockey jersey or whatever the white stereotypes are, no one would see it as racist. If the sign said something like “No niggers allowed” or an X over the man then yes, it’d be racist. But having a picture of a black man isn’t racist. There’s plenty of things that don’t intend to be racist that are far worse than this.

    8. tiki god says:

      Jesus fucking christ are you people retarded or something?

      A single google search shows that the woman in the video is nothing more then a busy body fuck up who doesn’t know shit. This video was supposed to be all about how stupid her sandy vagina was.


    9. diabeetus says:

      It’s people like her that’s why we have the continuation of the failed welfare state and the U.S. trying too hard to appease anti-American illegal aliens while the citizens have to put up with soaring crime, high taxes, and societal degradation.

      They try to put racism in everything. It’s not us being racist, it’s them being hyper-sensitive and for assuming we’re racist. They’re the ones turning the clock back 50 years.

      Bitch, please go kill yourself for the future of mankind.

    10. SuperJay says:

      Sorry to shift a little away from the main topic here…but…this Karen Grace…

    11. nyoki says:

      I wonder if the news will report it when they discover the origins of “POOL’S CLOSED”. Actually, I wonder if they’ll ever discover its origins.

    12. beep beep says:

      This is so full of win.
      Sandy vagina is certainly what she has. I mean, she’s the president of a fucking homeowner’s association! My parents’ homeowners association is suing them for a fence that they have had for 12 years. As if they just now noticed the fence. Their excuse for not noticing the fence was that the all other associations in the past sucked balls and my parents could be growing pot behind their fence. Nevermind that my parents have a pool and by city regulation need to have at least a 6-ft. high fence around the pool. Which is now closed. Due to AIDS.
      I love it when suburbanites freak the fuck out over nothing.

    13. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      News fails.

      Homowner fails.

      Grand kids fail.

      Who the fuck in the fuck uses a community pool besides black people anyway?

      This is a clear case of internerds being misrepresented and persecuted for their belief system and culture.

    14. Exacerbate says:

      While the Homeowners association is being discussed, I’d like to send a gigantic “fuck you” to them. Nothing but annoying assholes they are. I’ve had many problems with these people and nothing would please me more than to see them hanged publicly.

    15. Phyreblade says:

      For crying out loud… I don’t think she even made an attempt to ascertain the origins or subtext behind the freakin’ pic…

      Ignorant freaking race oversensitive morons like these drive me nuts… What bugs me more is that those poor kids would never have given it a second thought.

      Now they are going to have memories of a freakin’ TV new crew interviewing them about the horrible “racist” incident that happened to them when they were kids.

      Not because it was itself a racist incident, but because their dumbass Grandma is an epic phailure at the internets…

    16. CultureVulture says:

      If it’s gunna be on the news, at least they should do a little research about it.

    17. Billy Manic says:

      Jesus Christ.
      Some people are pitiful.

    18. abigflea says:

      Thats funny. To be honest I didnt know WTF that was about until I asked on this site. Like a year ago.

      POOLS Closed

    19. nyoki says:

      I will say this, the only reason I knew what was going on was because my son sends me this kind of shit all the time. While watching the video, I was thinking I’ve seen that pic somewhere before. Where the hell did I see that? Then I remembered the Pool’s Closed due to AIDS thing. I sent this to him and we both lol’d. Hubby had never heard of it and I’m guessing we’re the same age (give or take a decade) as the stupid-bitch president-of-the-homeowners-association chick. I’m sure it never even occurred to her that this could have had any other meaning or to check it on the internet. The local news though, certainly should have. I don’t know why i keep thinking that people actually do their job.

    20. Tardex says:

      Oh god. My brain. The hypocrisy in this video is honestly so stupid. The women claims that the sign is racist because it has a black man with the words pool’s closed. Now we all know what that really means, but they dont. I would assume initially that any half decent person would assume that its just saying the pool is closed. This woman, in fact, is being incredibly racist because she assumes that just because there is black man on the poster, it is racist. I would also assume people might see the man smiling and assume it could possibly be racist towards white people if they were to see any racism at all.

    21. MikeBabaguh says:

      I think a lot of you are failing to realize that, for the most part, internet culture still hasn’t reached mainstream media.

      Someone who doesn’t have a working knowledge of 4chan is going to take this at face value and assume this is a racist message.

      (Oddly enough, even with a deep familiarity for internet memes, this IS a racist message.)

    22. Caio says:

      It’s not racist, *it’s from 4chan*!!!!!

    23. Snow says:

      LOL irl pool closage EPIC.

      everyone else L2Internet noobs

    24. Awesome1 says:

      Looks to me like the sign says Pool Is Closed To White People. So sayeth the bruthaman, and his firm posture.

    25. Jaypeezy says:

      Why is this even on the news?! Its in the middle of the freaking suburbs! A normal person would just rip it off and ignore it rather than going on the news going “Holy SHIT! There’s racism in our area!”. And the fact that only a retarded grandmother cares just shows the absurdity of this report.

    26. GorillaMunch says:

      THis politicly correct BS is starting to piss me off. Some one posts an image of a guy with a fro and its automatic racism. You want racism? come back bitching to me when your working in a prison camp with your family. FFS. This is heading more and more towards “newspeak”

    27. Kaze says:

      Oh man! That’s Awesome, and I missed it?! Shit, that’s San Antonio channel 5, the local CBS station. Oh, man, I wanna see this.

    28. Caio says:


      So you all think they should have done some research? If they googled it they’d get pointed to ED or 4chan in which case they would find lengthy essays along the lines of “NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER KYKE NIGGER”. I see daily manifestos on 4chan that would make KKK grand wizards cringe. You think the average NORP would conclude it was an innocent joke after that?

      Fucking hell

    29. Caio says:

      I just did a ‘feel lucky’ on ‘pool’s closed’ and got a giant swastiget. Yeah the average person would immediately jump to the ‘not racist’ conclusion.

    30. Anonymous33234 says:

      @Caio Nigger Alert!

      Get over it. Here’s the thing.. The picture, if nobody knew the origin is of an Afro man in a suit saying that the pool is closed. He does not in the slightest depict any likeness of Obama, and how the hell could it be racist if a black man is telling black kids that the pool is closed? FUCK!

      You talk about a fucking leap in logic to take that as racist. Not even Evel Knievel could make that jump!

      Honestly though, the fucking pool is closed. End of story.

    31. Anonymous33234 says:

      Also, the sign does specifically cite blacks specifically. When did they figure they were special enough to adopt anything with a fucking black man on it as racist?

      Fuck niggers. That is exactly why they are in the state they are in.

      Am I racist? Fuck no, but blacks that complain about shit like this, turn it into something racial because they don’t know the origin, and jump to racist conclusions are fucking straight up niggers.

    32. Phyreblade says:

      My issue isn’t whether or not this actually is racist or not. Anyone who knows it’s origins knows it does have it’s roots in racism, though it is not racist in the way the non internet savvy have interpreted it.

      My point was that this particular woman did not even make an *attempt* to ascertain it’s meaning or intent, and that is just as bad as being racist.

      The presumption of any given quality in something or someone, based on anything other than specific facts about that specific thing or person, is the characteristic of prejudicial behavior. And this is exactly what this woman has done.

      My issue is with those who have the mentality of “Well, if it could possibly be racist or, for that matter, prejudiced, in any way, shape or form, I’m gonna run on the presumption of prejudice.”

      In most cases, even that token weak attempt at rationalization that doesn’t occur. They pretty much see a black man on a pic with words on it and think “OMGWTFBBQ!!111!! RACISM!! OH NOEZ!!!!”

      To people like this I say: No. I beg to differ. You see racism? Well I see you being a drooling, cretinous, moronic, prejudice projecting, ignorant jackass…

    33. GrandAdmiralThrawn says:


      I call call shenanigans.I googled “pools closed” and “Pool’s Closed” got


    34. fatnschwetty says:

      hoold up a second here…..niggers can swim?
      I don’t know where all of you guys are from, but I’m in Georgia and there’s two things blacks are afraid of here, water and dogs. Unless of course its pitbulls, but god forbid you take a schnauzer around one.

    35. deleted_user says:

      Don’t negros have their own pools?? The nerve of this lady! What does she want, equality?

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