captain americas forehead does not stand for france

captain americas forehead does not stand for france

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    No it does not


    Fact: the word “France” does not start with the letter “A”

    I have pie charts to prove this.


    Fucking beautiful


    What book/issue/series this sequence come from?
    Who is Cap fighting?

    hehehehe France.. surrender.. heheheh


    AKA Cap teaches some nekkid guy remedial spelling, geography and history with the edge of his shield.


    The Ultimates v1 #12 – Persons of Mass Destruction, Nov 2003




    Kick those pussy french asses. This is fucking awesome.


    You retards have to get your heads out of your asses someday…
    If it wasn’t for the French Fleet 1776 would have been your day of defeat.
    SO stop quoting WW2, you owe the red white and blue to them, adopted to honour them.


    Yeah, the French of 1776 were great . . . But those ain’t the French of today, are they?


    And you’re not the post british soon to be American of yesteryear either…The brits were cool before the Lion lost its roar….

    Americans needs to start making friends…
    soon…real ones unlike Saddam who used to be a real good friend (You know the US gave him that Iraq job right ?)

    But keeping with this Right Wing crazy “The French are not our friends propaganda” is boring and sad…


    Gx5000, who’s here hating the french or having crazy right wing talk?

    Seriously, in the Revolutionary War, France only helped the US after they thought that the rebels might have a chance.

    I think the implication here, is that, France, for the last 150 years or so, have been nothing more then pussies when it comes to war. Sorry, but it’s true. That’s what the comic is made to say, that Captain America isn’t a pussy. When France can come up with a new Napoleon, perhaps I will change my mind on the state of France’s Military.

    Lord Cocksworth

    Captain A didn’t say that line intending to discredit France’s military history, guys. He said because it was funny. You know why it was funny? Because France’s military is stereotyped as being cowardly and incompetent, REGARDLESS of all the battles it actually won, REGARDLESS of of their current relationships with other countries, and REGARDLESS of whatever the truth happens to be!

    TL;DR: It was a joke, grow a sense of humor.


    I love how they call French pussies and still they been in more wars than the USA. Also, won more.



    I think the fact that some are calling them names shows a great level of immaturity.
    This isn’t even low brow humour, it’s only funny to an American that hasn’t traveled. I really don’t think I have to elaborate more than that.

    and “Lord Cocksworth” the stereotype exists because of people like you and right wing nuts.

    But better that then what we say about the USA…lol

    PS I have a sense of humour…
    It’s evolved beyond laughing at words like peppee caca…

    Lord Cocksworth


    I’m currently in the process of learning French. I know much more about their culture their culture than most other Americans do (although I’m certainly not an expert) and I respect it so much I sometimes consider living there some day.

    Yet I STILL found Cpt. A’s comment to be funny. You don’t have to be ignorant to enjoy stereotypical humor.

    By the way, I’d like to point out that at no point in this thread or the image was there “peppee” joke for me to laugh at.


    A peepee joke is as down the rung as a stereotype joke. I am not french and have my own issues with France as a Country, being French Canadian and all…
    I just hate the way people pick up on nonsense (a la Bill oreilly) and repeat it until it becomes part of the National psychie, just like “Freedom Fries” just shows how retarded Joe Public is…

    Lord Cocksworth

    Oh believe me I have no love for O’Reilly, and I’m nowhere near a right-winger. I think I can see where you’re coming from now, though. You’re against America’s current hatred of France, and that’ fine; I don’t like it either. But I still think it’s all right to laugh at jokes about France because most of those stereotypes have existed since long before the Right started smearing them, and even if they hadn’t it’s all just for giggles in the end. I still laugh at stereotypical jokes about the USA even though I know many people that prove them wrong.


    I know a few that do too, but most of them prove them right. Remember that Canada is part of the
    Axis of Nations That Are Actually Quite Nice But Secretly Have Nasty Thoughts About America…

    Maybe because I grew up in a very nice area with kids of deifferent descent I have issues with jokes that transcend logic/rationality.

    Peace out.


    Oh for God’s sake. It was written by a Scot and delivered by someone who has been cryogenically frozen since WWII and in this incarnation of the character actually acts like it.

    Why does everything these days have to degenerate into some epic dolt bitching out America in some pissy, needy attempt to be edgy and relevant. It amazes me that you seem to miss the irony in falling all over yourself to use tired, cheap stereotypes with total sincerity to decry the use of stereotypes in humour, the ironic use of which has also managed to evade you.

    Maybe you’re unfamiliar with the context of the quote in question, or maybe your oh-so-subversive hard-on for sticking one to the “retard” Americans (a truly enlightened choice of words incidentally, -you have so very much to teach us…) redirected much needed resources from the miniscule, fist-shaped turd that passes for your brain, but you have succeeded only in demonstrating your own ignorance, and spiteful xenophobia.

    I will explain it in terms even you can grasp, you flaccid nothing:

    He’s supposed to be a flawed character. It’s a joke that is as much at his expense as that of the French. Go and spay yourself.

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