soldiers on the move

soldiers on the move

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    lol, new cannon fodder for the camelfuckers….




    wtf Ismael?

    that’s fucked up man…

    They have the courage to stand in the line of fire to defend their country…they are not “cannon fodder” they are heroes…


    : he’s a troll



    Just sayin the truth man. Believe what you want to believe. It seems everyone know whats up with “defending US of A from evil forces” except the naive and pseudo-patriotic people inside of usa.

    It seems as well the majority of your population believe what the media says.

    Read some israeli/english sources and you will understand.


    ah, thanks Dyna…he still needs a good ol’ fashioned American ass-whoopin’ haha

    ok…movin on now


    ]ah, thanks Dyna…he still needs a good ol’ fashioned American ass-whoopin’ haha

    ok…movin on now[

    Oh, really ? Don’t stress yourself, you degenerate yankee. I bet you’d get a heartattack when you are trying so walk from all your pork/donut/McDonnalds crap.


    Ismael: We’re defending your pathetic fake country you moron, not America.


    : You guys have shitty soup.

    Just saying.


    @ ismael.

    Funny you say that considering the USA is the only nation that stands between you and the whole middle east uniting to send you guys back to the stone age. Or how about keeping the UN from cutting off any support you receive? You are a naive little boy with a small penis. Also are you even israeli? The way you talk makes you sound like some pissed of arab or chinese guy or some pile of eurofag. I mean the fat american jokes or “insults” are deader than your nations sense of peace.


    Also, good luck fighting any battle without american technology. I mean pretty much everything you have is american in origin.


    Yeah, even the lightbulbs.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You seriously know jack shit about the Israeli military and the last 60 years of middle east history. They’ve done just fine with little help from the US military. US financial aid, sure, but they fight their own battles.

    “Also, good luck fighting any battle without american technology. I mean pretty much everything you have is american in origin.”


    @TheLotusEater725 Ishmael is actually a religious figure in islam, being the illegitimate son of abraham and hagar (according to judaism and christianity) So, ismael would in fact be a different middle-eastern, arab, muslim/islamic, jihad jihad durka durka turban wearing “call down the wrath of alah to destroy the infidel with the explosives strapped to my body” reference, not israeli. I would highly doubt that ismael is even from israel, is jewish, and from the way he trolls, that he even knows his own mothers name. @Ismael What’s your real name, that i might laugh when you prematurely detonate? @The… Read more »


    @lord party time. Yeah…i know that because i am a christian and i practiced judaism at one point and am beginning to read the koran. And it’s probably likely he is some pissed off palestininian or a pissed off israeli. Also way to sound like a racist asshole. @The Matrix: Rebooted. Just because israel develops their own weapons doesn’t mean they don’t get aide from the US. Here is a list of their current aircraft in use. Count how many are american, go ahead. But you are right i am not an encyclopedia of israeli military technology because i… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “i got better things to do then obsess over some idiot’s opinion on the internet.”
    “because there are bigger things in life than arguing over middle-eastern politics and military armament and strategy with someone i may never meet.”

    And yet, here you are.


    Ha! Ha! I’m arguing on the internet!


    I don’t know if ismeal is keeping score, but these “fodder” boys are fucking up the islamic retards. Al Quada ran away from Iraq with their balls cut off and what was left of their tails between their legs. The Taliban has has been blown to little hateful bits so much that they can’t enter Afghanstan in groups larger than 5 and they are hurting for cash so much that they had to enter the drug trade (so much for obeying the Koran, fucking bunch of hypocrites). As for being so-called cannon fodder, it’s more dangerous to live in Baltimore… Read more »


    @thelotus “Yeah…i know that” – funny, didnt sound like it when you said exactly the opposite. And there’s no way that was sarcasm, either, with how you tried to back it up with ‘facts’, just as easily discredited as your initial argument. Hey, I know, maybe you can run for president on the democratic ticket, that seems to be their policy: flip flop till you get it right. And I’m proud to be racist. Some a-rab wants to hate me because the people in my country give a damn about the economic situation enough to rise above religious hatred and… Read more »


    you just wasted 5 minute’s of your life



    in america we have troops deployed by our elective representatives because terrorist murdered 3,000 american citizens. In the middle east our enemies are terrorists inserted by dictators and now we took two of their countries. We defended ourselves causing the accidental deaths of over a million possible terrorists; women, men, children and the old, even your pets & livestock or any rodents you might of had. In reality the World is controlled by an Illuminati probably about 400,000 people who control banks, militaries, governments, schools, media, technologoy, you name it. We’re all just cogs in a wheel of doom. However… Read more »


    Ismael is a great troll.


    Oh, look! They’re going straight to here:

    Silly boys!