Wall-E and Eve Under the moon

Wall-E and Eve Under the moon

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    So, because of this movie, pixar now has my undying love.


    I love everything about this movie.


    I love this movie for its lack of dialogue. Its lack. I know there was some dialogue between the robots, and the humans of course had to say some things, but for the most part this movie’s characters communicated at a primordial level that can’t be touched, and the entire message about where human civilization is going is awesome in a not over the top preachy way.

    I fucking loved this movie.


    I just realized that the fact that I used so many words in my last post is somewhat ironic considering what I liked about this movie.


    Truly was a great movie. I love how the robots are more “Human” than the actual humans are. Great message, a bit green, but still great. Best Pixar movie in a long time.


    I thought it was the best movie Pixar’s ever made. The first part’s better than the second part (when Wall-E get to the Axiom) but both parts are really good. I never was really that interested in the movie before I saw it, but when I did I thought it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.


    I think that scene where wall-e was flying through space towards Axiom was beautiful.

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