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LoL. It took me a minute to figure out what these were–Then I read the title & felt dumb. Funny Post, though. Although most women’s bras are a combination between the Grinner knot & the Lap Knot, the larger the size, the more clasps. Kudoos to the guy that can un-do mine in less than :30 seconds.


Agree with the title, muchly. Though once you do have a bit of experience it can become pretty easy. Even to the stage of being able to undo them one-handed through a top >_> Though this usually takes me a little more time.

Admittedly, at first, I didnt read the title and was thinking they were either seatbelts or cheese-graters…


theyre not that difficult, just takes some experience

Karatesaurus Rex

A true lap knot like the one shown (from experience usually on bra’s that command a cup size larger than DD) can be VERY difficult while trying to keep a modicum of cool and attempting the one hander. The one hand snap isn’t too tough until it gets past 3 clasps. After that, well, you’re a tard…


Mmm, in general I suppose you could say that with an increase in clasps comes a proportionate increase in difficulty of undoing. If onehanded, the difficult is increased several-fold. I wonder if we could work out some kind of equation for this..




Real men use their teeth and just rip it off. Or cut through the straps with their adamantium claws.


: Or cock.


Your cock is sharp?