Sniper Test

Sniper Test


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    I don’t know if I could be this brave. I hope so…


    While thats brave, its also pretty damn smart. Smart + Brave = Hero/awesomeness/staying alive.
    Dumb + Brave = getting ur head shot the hell off.


    Well its an actual technique thats been in use since WW2 and maybe prior, but I don’t know.

    Soldier puts out a decoy, enemy sniper shoots, counter sniper takes out hidden enemy sniper.


    This seems like a rather simple idea… a fantastic idea… but something that was probably put into use well before WW2.


    Dumb isn’t brave, brave is knowing the danger, being scared and doing it anyhow.

    madhouses visites

    There’s ALREADY a gun pointed at him…


    @madhouses lol your right … it would be funny if the enemy is right there lol

    francis begbie

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say thats a REMF showing off for the camera, nowhere near any fighting.
    He’s got no body armour, no load bearing gear,no gloves/kneepads and all the other shit you usually see on US infantrymen.


    What’s that person (kid?) doing? I can’t tell if he/she is trying to hide.


    The posts above weren’t explicit enough?


    It’s too obvious with the duct tape though. Needs to have the gun pointing.


    Its not only a very old counter-sniper technique, its a combat proven one. Vasily Zaitsev the highly decorated Soviet sniper from the battle of Stalingrad in WW2 succesfully used this technique to locate and netralize Germany’s alledged “Super-Sniper”. It is however very possible that this is a staged picture but I wouldn’t refute it solely on the presence or lack there of the soldier’s body armor or other equipment as it is incredibly hard to crawl and sneak in all that equipment. It could be that he shucked it upon entering the building. But the camera man felt comfortable enough to stand up and snap a “hoo-ah” little pic so once again it could be staged…

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