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    1. Interesting factoid: this picture is in black and white because color photography wasn’t yet invented at the time of this photoshoot.

    2. MikeBabaguh says:


    3. Camiam321 says:

      We do NOT need this guy running our country. I am afraid of what will happen to my beloved country if he is elected.

    4. @Camiam

      FWIW, I doubt he’d fuck it up more than the current guy at the wheel.

    5. Exacerbate says:

      But he wouldn’t fuck it up as bad as Obama.

      Smaller gov’t ftw.

    6. Yeah, God forbid we actually get anything of use for our tax dollars.

      does ftw mean “favors the wealthy”?

    7. TGGeko says:

      ^ yea chris, because the government knows best when spending our money.

      And most wealthy people worked for it. Only a small percentage actually inherited it.

    8. Hey, get a republican in the white house, then.

      With their shit record of delivering on that promise, its not like I need be worried.

      Go McCain!

    9. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      “And most wealthy people worked for it. Only a small percentage actually inherited it.”

      Interesting that you should mention that here, since McCain’s wife DID inherit her money and he wouldn’t be a Senator without that cash.

    10. wookie_x says:

      I’m not that worried about McCain even if he does get into office. With his age and health, it’s questionable he’d be able to finish out one term. He’s 72 years old. If he wins he would be the oldest person ever inaugurated as president. We’ve all seen the heavy toll the office of the presidency takes on a persons health. It’s a brutal job. Is he up for it?

    11. Camiam321 says:

      I’m in favor of smaller government, but right now we need someone the American people can get behind. Ask a soldier what he thinks of McCain. All the soldiers I know want his head on a steak. No one is perfect, but at least Obama isn’t an asshole like Oldie McShitbreath here.

    12. Camiam321 says:

      haha i just said that to piss everyone off.

    13. Exacerbate says:

      Atually ftw means people who work hard and become successful get to stay that way and the government doesn’t have to interfere and control everything. What right does the government have to take anything from those people who made something of themselves? The government doesn’t need to control shit that I can do myself. Obama is an asshole Camiam. He’s an arrogant asshole.

    14. Exacerbate says:

      We need a strong military but the government can stay the fuck out of my business.

    15. Westie says:

      He doesn’t know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, has the charm of an angry badger, has no health-care plan, and flip-flops more than a room of John Kerrys on Meth. The same people voting for him will be the people who voted for W. and we all know how that turned out.

    16. Stay the fuck out of your business unless your business is getting an abortion or fornicating with someone who has the same private parts.

      Actually, the government DOES have a right to take from people who made something of themselves, as well as everyone else: it’s called TAXES. Do you think that strong military will be paid for by collective meditation? Really, what exactly does government do now that’s so intruding- because I bet youre not talking about wiretaps.

      BTW: Warren Buffet himself endorses Obama. The richest guy in the country seems to disagree with you. Maybe he simply didn’t work hard….

    17. Exacerbate says:

      The government needs to stay out of marriage, abortion should be a choice that the government shouldn’t be able to interfere with one way or the other. Sure, taxes for the military are needed, but I don’t want to pay for a bunch of bullshit socialist programs.

    18. TGGeko says:

      ^ I agree that the govnt should stay out of marriage (its a completly religious institute) but saying that the govent shouldn;t interfere with abortion is like saying that the gvn’t shouldn’t interfere with a mass murderer, or other a serial rapist.

      mmmm. This salad is delicious.

    19. Exacerbate says:

      There’s something we can agree on, Chris. George Jetson 08′

    20. Finn says:

      Social welfare programs are what keep the poor half of this country from rioting. If you think you’ve got something to loose, you wont make noise. That’s why the immigrants outside Paris rioted few years back, they had no illusions about having something to loose.

    21. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      You mean where all those idiots lit cars on fire and then got the living shit beat out of them?

      Social programs are a gift. The ramifications keep people from rioting. The poor have no leverage. And it’s not a ‘half’ it’s a small percentage. Americans just have it so damned good most don’t know what poor is.

      Don’t romanticize the Paris riots. That was just a bunch of ungrateful assholes who thought they could get away with it until they saw RAID start busting heads.

    22. It almost pains me to say, but I think I agree with magnus at least in part. We don’t want social programs because we’re trying to avoid riots. We want social programs because instead of paying for stupid shit, we can have people receive healthcare and a quality education – which helps the economy more than having them live in squalor.
      Most of you support social programs – unless you think poor children should go uneducated because their parents can’t afford school. Without some degree of socialization, you all but guarantee people will never leave the economic circle into which they were born.

    23. Finn says:

      And a intact head was the only thing they had to loose, and when that was threatened, they ran. I wont romanticize riots, but don’t romanticize how the French treat the Algerians.

      Poor is an imprecise term. Lets say the bottom 50% that owned 2.8% of the net worth in the US as of 2001.

    24. beep beep says:


      Since when has the Republicans actually reduced the size of the government? Bush made new governmental departments, which I am pretty sure is the exact opposite of making the government smaller.

    25. Caio says:

      Hey Chrishatesfreedom I was just wondering… could you be a little more transparent please? Since I’ve come back I’ve been trying to predict what you’ll say on every thread and so far I’ve got like two prepositions wrong 🙁

    26. ok….
      you’re totally not a tool.

    27. Do you think you’re fucking Kreskin by predicting I’ll take the leftist/liberal slant? No shit. I should mix it up some for your benefit, i guess.

    28. Caio says:

      Oh, man, a political blogger called me a tool. I’ll have to show him the fucking fury of my 🙄

      🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 :roll::roll: 🙄 🙄 :roll::roll: 🙄 🙄 🙄

    29. Caio says:

      “Do you think you’re fucking Kreskin by predicting I’ll take the leftist/liberal slant? No shit. I should mix it up some for your benefit, i guess.”

      I am familiar with all internet traditions.

    30. actually, I said you weren’t a tool. you’re a swell guy!
      But keep on making your snarks from the sidelines… its all good.

    31. Marianne_W says:

      George Jetson!

      Or Ron Paul!

      I’d vote for either of them.

      I like McCain . . . don’t care if he’s old . . . but I don’t like his support of embryonic stem cell research. Boo. No candidate is perfect.

    32. asdf says:

      @exacerbate: roads + fire departments + police officers+ libraries + schools = socialism? only military right…

    33. @asdf
      be careful… you don’t want to be transparent.

    34. Exacerbate says:

      I’m not saying they’d shrink the gov’t. But I’m saying that McCain wont enlarge it as much as Obama will.

      Also, when I mean smaller gov’t, I don’t mean every government. Roads, fire departments, police officers, libraries, and schools are made by the state government. Speaking of which, and on a semi-unrelated note, I do believe the education system needs a lot of fixing up.

    35. Exacerbate says:

      Universal Healthcare is a perfect example of socialism.

    36. MikeBabaguh says:

      Someone please explain to me why a few social programs are bad. We already have several “socialist” programs running at the federal level, and those have been around for the better part of a century, longer by far than any commenter here has been alive, and long enough for the nation as a whole to recognize their positive benefit.

      Someone please explain to me why a government expanding in size to meet the needs of its expanding population is bad. I hear Republicans argue all the time that the government is too big but I never hear exactly how it’s big in a bad way.

    37. MikeBabaguh says:

      More thoughts:

      Do you fear a large government because you worry it will take your rights away? Laws exist to benefit the majority opinion at the time they were written. If that means abortions are legal, so be it. If that means homosexuals can marry, so be it. If that means guns are illegal for sale to the common citizen, so be it.

      The three aforementioned “hot button issues” are getting a lot of flak because they represent left-leaning urban opinions, and the U.S. has been mostly urban for a while now. If I were a conservative country bumpkin with little education, I’d be pissed too that California were letting “fags marry their cats” (or whatever the hell you’re afraid we’re doing). You have to realize that you’re in the minority now and that your values don’t represent the country as a whole.

      You should thank the internet for giving the minority opinion an outlet to express itself.

    38. MikeBabaguh says:

      Final thought:

      You folk that are pro-McCain and such should brace yourselves for November. Even if Obama somehow royally fucks up the election and loses, the Democrats stand to gain several seats in both the House and the Senate…and in case you don’t know, Congress writes the nation’s laws.

      There is a very large “swing left” happening in this country and those of you who oppose it should be prepared to be shouted down for a number of years to come.

    39. TrayShadix says:

      Cthulhu 08

      ….HEY! I LIKE SOCIALISM! God forbid oil mongers have their friggin’ income capped so a nation can take care of it’s sick and dying. Like capping income at $500,000 a year is going to affect any of the poverty-stricken redneck fuck-ups who hate the idea so much. You know how many guns you can buy with $500,000? OVER A THOUSAND – OF THE REALLY NICE ONES. I don’t care how small your penis is – that’s enough guns.

      ….Wow, sorry. Idk what happened, there. I blacked out and came back to THAT.

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