Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

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    1. token2k6 says:

      and now a race to see who can distribute the most fucked up OS to the masses and see who will use it

      (and yes, I am talking about both PC & MAC OS’s = equally shitty)(except for vista, maybe things are getting better…)

    2. RSIxidor says:

      Most of the things that are good about Vista are available elsewhere. And many of those things were borrowed from ideas developed elsewhere. But nobody looks at elsewhere because its free, so of course you wouldn’t want it.

    3. Ben1605 says:

      You can’t be serious token. Of all the OS’s to praise, you picked Vista?

    4. equi says:

      @RSIxidor yes, it`s quite amazing what companies turned people into. They`re not just ignoring free stuff, some of them fiercely speak against it. But what can i say, they turned “hillbilly piss” into “yeaaaah! xtreme! do the dew!”

    5. shiroinohi says:

      Linux was very clearly the best OS I’ve ever used. It was clear, concise, didn’t blue screen me, great for developers, and very quick loading because it didn’t have Windows and Mac’s background crap (I’m looking at you, Superfetch). Unfortunately, the general consensus of the American public is “What? It’s free? What the hell’s wrong with it?” Therefore, a lot of software I use on a regular basis isn’t available in Linux, so I am forced to use Vista, which has required no less than two full wipes in the past year as compared to the older computer running XP

    6. teezy weezy says:

      Deluded much?

    7. singularapathy says:

      Gah, I’m sick and tired of all this Linux bullshit. I use some free programs, and I’ve tried Linux, but it’s not as elegant or user-friendly, and if you don’t think that matters, then you’re wrong. There’s something inherently obnoxious about OpenOffice being both slower AND opening every single freaking file I’m working with in its own window. Screw that kind of crap.

      Yeah, Firefox destroys IE, but that’s mostly BECAUSE of the usability (and it’s not as though you pay for IE anyhow). Same goes for some anti-virus softwares, and the ilk.

      Linux is useful for certain types of people, but really, I (and I imagine a great majority of people, clearly) don’t give a flaming fuck about the capabilities of the kernel or anything else. We want tech-support, we want simplicity, blah blah blah. You can say that’s weak, or whatever, but using that same logic it’s like “man, who the hell wants to watch a movie? You should be writing the screenplays yourself!” or at least editing them together, at points. Or taping together the film strips. However you choose to take it.

      Ugh. I have nothing against those who like Linux, but I don’t find it ‘elegant’ or ‘use-worthy.’ I can use it, but the three forms of it I’ve tried are obnoxious, lack software, lack easy support, and have horrid aesthetic sense. Even Ubuntu.

    8. Awesome1 says:

      “Dude. You’re Rich.”
      “Dude, nah, not like you.”
      “BUt you’re rich too, dude!”
      “Yeah But you’re like, RICH!”
      “Yeah, man!”

    9. Mayyday says:

      Bill Gates reminds me of Stephen Hawking in this picture.

    10. NoOneInParticular says:

      @singularapathy – nothing like a bit of trolling, eh? 🙂 Linux well surpasses Windows XP in capability and ease of use – XP is perhaps the most used OS in the world.I love your example of something wrong – a program that makes a separate window for each document. Like nothing in Windows does that. 😉

      You want support for linux? BUY IT FROM A COMPANY! Ever heard of SUSE? Mandriva? Red Hat? All of them sell support packages for linux – the linux is free, the support costs you… much like Microsoft who charges your credit card for every call you make to them.

    11. Exacerbate says:

      You obviously haven’t tried Linux for very long. I use Ubuntu and it’s much better than anything else. I run nearly every piece of Windows software I need, and when I can’t, there’s always a Linux alternative. The effects are amazing and more ‘aesthetically pleasing’ than anything you’ll get anywhere else. I mean, don’t talk until you know what you’re talking about. Every aspect of the OS is customizable to your liking, so saying it’s ugly can be easily fixed.

    12. RSIxidor says:

      You said it, no one.

      BESIDES whether or not you like it, my point is still quite legitimate. Everything that’s super awesome about Windows existed in a different operating system at least 1+ years before Windows had it.(I use Vista, as well, btw. But I don’t have my own PC atm, and I’d need Windows at home for work because my work people are lame).

    13. unknown says:


      And back to the subject… these two guys got a room later that evening. Guess who was on top?

    14. RSIxidor says:

      And also, if I COULD edit every movie I watch, believe me, I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WOULD.

    15. RSIxidor says:

      Plus, look at those guys! You want to give those two creepy motherfuckers money?

    16. AgZed says:

      @singularapathy, I’m with you man. I’ve been using both Linux and Windows for around six years now, and Linux still has a long, long way to come in terms of usability. I have Suse and Ubuntu installed on my desktop, but I also have Vista, and 99% of my time is spent using Windows. I use Damn Small Linux exclusively on my laptop, if only because I don’t use it for anything more complicated than internet browsing or word processing, and I want something that can start, and stop, as quickly as possible.

      But when it comes to usability, anyone who thinks Linux is ahead of anything (Windows or Mac) is deluding themselves. A few examples: I built a new computer a while back, with an Nvidia card (after the nightmare that was ATI and *nix). I install Ubuntu. The Ubuntu help says that to enable the vaunted graphical flashiness, I need to install the restricted driver. I try to do this, Ubuntu tells me I don’t need a restricted driver. I try to enable desktop effects. Ubuntu tells me it can’t. But not why. An hour of wading through forum posts, I find someone has posted a huge script that should fix my problem. Half an hour of reading through the thing making sure this “run as root” script doesn’t have a hidden “rm -r /” in there somewhere, I run it, and Ubuntu crashes. But this was supposed to happen, apparently.

      How about OpenSuse? One-click installation of drivers. Sounds pretty easy right? Well sure, you click on the button, progress bars leap to life, all sorts of stuff looks like it’s happening, and then it all disappears. Did it work? Did it fail? Who knows? I go poking around, and one application tells me the drivers weren’t installed, another one tells me they were. Well that’s peachy.

      And let’s not mention the fact that easily 80% of applications that fail to launch do so without providing a single error message, or any indication anything went wrong. You click their icon, your mouse cursor changes to the little “thinking” icon, and then… Nothing! Then you have to pull up terminal and try to start the program from the command line just to see why it’s not starting. Lovely, that.

      And how about the fact that if anything ever does go wrong, the vast majority of the time, solving it involves a whole lot of mucking around in with the CLI. Do you know how most people react to being told to use the command line? I’ll give you an example. I installed Ubuntu on my sister’s computer, set everything up, got it all working nicely. Two weeks later, she rings me, and I swear, our conversation, nearly word for word, went as follows:
      Her: “My printer stopped working.”
      Me: “Hurray! How, exactly is it not working.”
      Her: *describes problem*
      Me: “Ah, ok. What I need you to do is click on Applications, then Accessories, then Terminal. Ok? Now I need you to type-”
      Her: “Um, when can you come over and put Windows back on?”

      But all of the above pales in comparisson to the only example I need when people tell me Linux is more “usable” than Windows. I added a second monitor to my computer a few months ago. I boot Vista, the second monitor pops on, ten minutes of fiddling and I’ve got everything the way I want it. I boot Suse. Second monitor doesn’t come on. Ditto Ubuntu. I Google. I post questions in help forums. The most constructive answer I get back is, “You should have made sure both monitors were plugged in when you installed *nix. A reinstall should fix the problem.” Reinstall an operating system because I got a new monitor? Even Vista isn’t that bad.

    17. storminator says:

      I’ve met both of those guys. I used to work the events such as they are at in the photo.

    18. Thrella says:

      Linux is a shitload more accessible and cheaper! If, of course, you know scripting, have a shitload of patience, time, knowledge of how to operate computers, and generally don’t mind never ever being able to install any application, because it’ll either fuck up, or not even work.

      I hate that in people. You defend free-ware because it’s “better” but only for you. Most people can’t (AND DON’T CARE TO) do this stuff, and just opt for the simpler form. Everyone has windows and mac, so a vast majority knows how to use it. If linux goes FUBAR it’ll take you forever to figure out what happened, and support is rare.

    19. Pants says:

      They both look like Stephen Hawking in this picture.

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