difference between usa europe racing

difference between usa europe racing

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    Nascar. The The bane of all Derek Zoolanders.


    Doesn’t America have some really really cool curved tracks?
    Laguna Seca comes to mind.


    Yeah, and to be fair, Spa-Francorchamps is among the curvier circuits around.


    Plus NASCAR isn’t about racing, its about watching cars smash into another. Its a slightly higher-brow demolition derby.


    Finally, an un-ironic sentence with ‘high-brow’ and ‘demolition derby’ in. My life is complete.


    Knock it if you want but NASCAR is the largest professional spectator event in the largest media market in the world.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Knock it if you want but NASCAR is the largest professional spectator event in the largest media market in the world.

    And McDonald’s is the most popular restaurant. Popular crap is still crap.


    There’s a lot of road tracks in Nascar, they just have the majority on ovals.


    To hell with auto racing. Give me some good motocross or supercross racing ANY time.


    so the difference is… their stupid shit is stupider than our stupid shit?


    NASCAR: lame sport is lame…and not really much of a sport.


    NASCAR: lame sport is lame…and not much of a sport


    I am a big fan of racing. Oval tracks to me just doesn’t seem to push the car to the fullest extent. Sure you reach incredible speeds, but with the “curvier tracks” you really push all the dimensions of the car. Turning, braking, acceleration, different and sometimes multiple road conditions such as rain, different types of pavement and grit, etc. I just think driving on the same road conditions in the same fashion leads to experts of one kind. Whereas all the other factors of non Nascar style racing tend to push the boundaries in all categories. O, btw, Valentino… Read more »


    Knock it if you want but NASCAR is the largest professional spectator event in the largest media market in the world. Only if you are a NASCAR watching redneck for whom the world ends at the US border. Football is the biggest sport by all measurements (global vs. USA only). F1 is bigger with bigger media market too (also global). Darn, I believe even cricket is bigger too (Asia + U.K. vs. USA only). I’d also be willing to bet that NFL is bigger than NASCAR. Unless you are talking about spectators being “professional tools.” That record surely goes to… Read more »


    NASCAR = NonAthletic Sport Catering to Alcoholic Rednecks


    I live in the great hick state of Texas and even I know Formula 1 is bigger than NASCAR.

    Alec Dalek

    Typical. The Yankees always want it easy.

    It’s okay though, this is what happened to the Roman’s before their Civilization collapsed. Heck, the Roman’s even stared for hours at the exact same shape when they went to watch “racing”.


    Yea Laguna Seca has some insane g forces in that murder turn of theirs. Negative G and positive G at the same time or something. I don’t know the math for it, but it’s pretty wicked.


    When will all the dummies realize that oval track racing is the answer to the 500 MILE DRAG RACE?? (An All American Idea). If we could have a 500 miles long straightaway, we’d be racing on it, but the logistics are impossible, so we DRAG RACE for 500 miles in a circle. It is the only answer. I like ALL racing. Off road ralley racing is my favorite. I’d prefer to turn left and right, but I totally understand why we race roundy-rounds. It’s all different, and it’s all difficult. Fucking European elistists. FUCK ENZO FERRARI. He wouldn’t race the… Read more »


    Ford: 4 Le Mans wins.
    Ferrari: 9 Le Mans wins.
    Nuf sed.


    Ford raced LeMans seriously for 5 years. (After the deal for Ford to buy out Ferrari fell through). They won 4 out of 5. Ferrari has been racing LeMans since the 40’s. They won in 1949, 1954, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965. And they never won again… Porsche has been kicking their ass ever since. Once Henry Ford III won LeMans with a 1,2,3 win, and had spent over $1 Billion doing so, he lost interest and never returned. If he had, he would have continued to kick Ferrari’s ass. Nuff Said?


    “Oh, and anybody who thinks that racing isn’t a physical sport, has never raced in their life.”



    Fantasy, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Ferrari pulled out, Ford pulled out, why do you think one would kick the other if they both stayed in? Porsche hasn’t been kicking their ass any more than Porsche has been kicking Ford’s ass, neither have had a team in since it stopped being road cars.

    If both teams were still in, Ferrari’s record suggests that they would be the ones winning, they have dominated every type of motorsport they have entered, look at Formula 1, they are the world’s premiere race team.


    @ storminator.
    The GT40 was designed and built by BRITISH engineers in Britain, specifically, Eric Broadley of Lola Racing Cars. Only the engine was American. That’s why all the original cars were right hand drive.
    There’s your Fucking European elistists.


    Ok… so I’m not a NASCAR fan per se, but the origins of the sport stem from the prohibition era. The sport itself is an homage of tradition, especially in the South. Additionally, I’ve a swath of street races under my belt, and I’ve tested my car at a few tracks in Southern California. It’s a physically demanding activity no matter how you cut it.