Chrome Ferrari (Krink X)

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Found this on DUBDaily, a chrome Ferrari called the Krink X. I dunno if Krunk is a modification company or something. What do ya’ll think?

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    i was thinking lol did they hit the wrong key while trying to spell krunk? but lo and behold u did it for me :p


    Plate is photoshopped. The pic I have of that car (same exact pic) has Saudi plates on it.


    yes, there appears to be a sheik with an obsession for chromed or silver cars… You see what our money dose to them… Stop their addiction by stopping ours!


    i believe there is a company called mtm out of germany that does this. They did a chromed out Audi A8 L a few years back that was all the rage on the audi forums. Back when I was the proud owner of my S6.


    Needlessly expensive and impractical, therefore I love it. I wonder if it blinds people in the Saudi midday sun and I wonder how much weight it added. Does an engine get hot enough to discolor the hood? I bet that would look cool if it is.


    It won the “Best Paint” award at the car show…


    I do believe that it isn’t actually chrome, but rather highly polished aluminium.

    The car is made out of the stuff, so they stripped back the paint and polished it out.

    At least according to jalopnik.



    That would make more sense. I was wondering why someone w/ a Ferrari would add that much weight to it. I’ve never seem aluminum polished quite that brightly. Hubby has polished aluminum parts on his 650 Triumph (oil case covers, side covers, rocker boxes etc…) and it doesn’t look like that.

    Wait a minute…what are Ferrari bodies made from? Is it fiberglass? What exactly did this sheik do to that car?


    Yeah, Alum would be too heavy for a ferrari body, besides aluminum corrodes instantly, therefore losing its luster.


    yes Nyoki, that would blind the living shit out of people on a sunny day. ever seen a chrome bicycle helmet in the afternoon sun? you wanna run those fuckers over..