Damn Construction

take a moment to click through and look at the scale of this thing.  Try to find the blue outhouse in the middle/left right above the bottom orange pit.

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    I’m guessing these are giant tubes for hydroelectric power. Is this the Three Gorges dam in China?


    The scale of these undertakings is always amazing.


    Where is this?


    Why are you condemning construction?

    tiki god

    are you lost? perhaps you meant to comment somewhere else


    no , not at all. They are building tubes for the internet. For all that high speed porn


    Tiki, I don’t think that’s an outhouse down there. The guys in the lower right hand side give a better approximation of scale, even if they are much higher and closer.


    No, not lost. Its just that a DAM holds back water and DAMN means to condemn, ie damn you to hell and such.


    That’s no outhouse, that’s a space station! Now witness the firepower of the fully armed and operational dam!


    And I thought the first Xbox controller was huge…this thing might give it a run for it’s money…


    so no one has a serious answer that confirms where this is?

    I heard about the dam doc mentioned, but didn’t know it was already being constructed. is that what this is?


    Doesn’t it seem odd to have an outhouse in a dam? All that flowing water and you’re going to pee into a box?


    I work as a state road inspector….seeing all that rebar makes me cringe. Thats a lot of fucking paperwork. I’d hate to be the guy in charge of that thing.


    damn, in this context. can also be an expression of awe, wonderment. as in damn that chick had huge tits. a simpler explanation is that tiki was drunk.

    @tiki found it 😛 fuck that construction is so impressive


    “Where’s the damn dam tour?”

    -Clark Grizwold.


    This HAS to be somewhere in China.


    yes it is the three gorges dam in china and its already done, look at some pics on the internet its finished but i dont know wether its fully operational yet.