Beer – Drink, Don’t Drive

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    Where is beer cheaper than gas?
    A 6 pack (6 12 ounce bottles) of gas would cost $2.81 (Gas is $5 a gallon, 128 ounces in a gallon, that is 3.9 cents per ounce of gas.
    The cheapest beer I can find is Labatt’s Blue, $1.79 for a 24 ounce can or a little over 7.4 cents per ounce of beer (almost double the price of gas).


    Oh shit, keystone light 30 pack is $13.99 making it 3.89 cents per ounce, which is CHEAPER THAN GAS! DRINK UP GUYS!


    Only the cheapest of cheap American beer is actually cheaper than gas. Anyone with any meaningful appreciation of beer drinks imports anyway.


    Beer is beer. If you’re gonna be all ego-tarded about flavour, switch to fuckin’ wine.

    That’s where all whining pricks that like to sip on 60 bottles of different brands yet taste the same, go to.

    And if someone is in Europe, I guess they’ll drink “imported” stuff too? Hm, that must include America!


    I someone is in Europe, they drink local stuff. If you think all wine tastes the same you obviously don’t have a lot of experience with it.




    I don’t have a lot of experience with wine, and it all tastes the same to me. I’ve had $4-a-bottle wine and I’ve had $400-a-bottle wine. It’s better, but it’s not $396 better. I’ve had expensive beer, cheap beer, and several examples of what others claim is “good beer.” It all tastes like carbonated urine to me.


    Most “good” (expensive) european wines taste a little like soap to me (don’t know why), California wines are some the best in the world, IMHO.

    As for beer, Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Samuel Adams Ale are my favorite common brands. I can’t really stand “normal” beer, unless it’s free, of course.


    Natty Light, It’s basically free.


    wine all tastes the same to me when im drunk. so F your logic !


    & shanghai…you are both idiots. all that rice/corn laden swill called budweiser/coors/or miller (or any multitude of cheap beers) has burned out your taste buds. Its time to go see a doctor about your useless tongues. by the way great job fulfilling the stereotype of the idiotic uneducated american dope.
    well done! bully!


    i only have 2 favorite types of beer, cold and free…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I like Stella and Asahi for beer. The Japanese make a good beer. As for wine: its dumb to say it all tastes the same but price isn’t the indicator of quality. Its only set the same as all prices are set by supply and demand. California wines are good. Australian wines are good. Canadian wines are good. Hell everywhere has some decent wines same as they have shit. My school had wine making as an elective. We drank mostly Canadian of course cause that’s where I am. fyi anyone who sniffs the cork or swishes and spits is a… Read more »