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My first post on my webcomic. i dont update very often because
A) i dont have a drawing tablet yet, and
2) i dont have many ideas that come to me lately. (please, if you have any, email me)
D) i dont have much time on my hands

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    Hmmm. I’m carefully reading reasons ‘A’ through ‘D’ and can’t help but ask this question: Soooooo why do you have a webcomic?


    don’t forget that 500 horsepower doesn’t mean shit when you have an enormous cast iron engine and a 6,000 lb + chassis With a fucking dvd player and other useless shit that sucks power away from the engine.


    Please get the fuck out of teh Internets.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    This would be a good blog post. Not really much point doing it as a comic with stick figures.

    Trucks are for tards.

    Luke Magnifico

    Been done before. Very, very often. Suck less.

    Numero 41

    buen trabajo Falco.

    biena idea!


    don’t quit your day job.


    Weak… someone has issues….


    Also, A is usually followed by B, then C, ending with D.


    I think the A) 2) D) thing is form the movie Home Alone. Kevin’s brother… Bud, maybe… is listing things in the beginning of the movie and he used that sequence because he is dumb.
    And I am a loser for knowing that.