Donnie Darko

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Greatest mindfuck movie ever.

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    See.. I never got the movie… I thought it was ultimately pointless…

    Just like Bridge to Taribithia… sure the book might be awesome, but the movie was… pretty much worthless


    I thought the film was crap…didn’t know what all the fuss was about…if you want a mind fuck film watch eraserhead.


    Awesome movie.

    You do have to be the right kind of person to appreciate it though.

    If you like a movie that challenges you to think and figure it out (i.e. your brain doesn’t have training wheels) – you will love the film and watch it a few times to figure it out.

    If you thought Transformers was brilliant (i.e. you have a slack jaw and a few brother-fathers in your family “tree”) – you will hate the film. And probably post just that on this site.


    What if there’s nothing to “get” and you pseudo-intellectuals are just misinterpreting it?

    You make it sound as if only people with brains will appreciate this. What if people with brains see it for what it really is and not what some ass-backward critic sees?


    Shut up Dreth.

    There are many ways this movie could be interpreted. Even the director stated that his goal was to make it so there wasn’t only one true meaning of the film, but so that people were forced to guess and perceive it the way that made sense to them.

    The movie truly is amazing, and definitely makes you think. Most people don’t realize that this movie is about time travel, and not just about a dead guy in a rabbit suit.

    Luke Magnifico

    I got this movie. I didn’t like it. It’s just another predestination paradox film. sure it has some faux-philosophical elements to it, but ultimately, I found it to, as they say, suck balls.


    Seen this over thirty times, I never ever tire of it. Greatest film ever.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    agree with Dreth and LukeV1-5. I “get” the movie, it just sucks. I almost didn’t finish it, some of the dialog is so painfully terrible. All of the non-time travel/alternate-reality plots points are ridiculous and targeted for a 13-year old: “OMG he’s in a perfect family but he still isn’t happy, that’s just like me and all my emo friends.” “OMG, Patrick Swayze was a perv all along. That completely justifies Donnie’s half-ass rebellion.”
    Most David Lynch movies are way more of a “mindfuck”, but actually well written.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya mindfuck? No. It’s pretty simplistic. Its good but come on. I swear most people see maybe 4 movies from before 1995 and then just judge the medium based on what was made after that date. If it had been made by a 14 year old it could be called an achievement but it wasn’t. It was made by a grown man is a pissy attitude who has succeeded in flushing his own career afterward. Drew Barrymore got this made because the ideas blew her mind. You could blow her mind by spinning a bag of marbles in front of… Read more »


    i’ve seen this movie like eighteen times and i get it but it’s still stupid. i like the soundtrack and i fast forward through all the time-travel schlock.


    One of the reasons this movie bothers me is because of fans like Ack who say say stupid stuff like: “If you like a movie that challenges you to think and figure it out (i.e. your brain doesn’t have training wheels) – you will love the film and watch it a few times to figure it out.” Yeah, that’s exactly it. Only freethinking intellectuals who live outside the box will be able to enjoy this movie. If you don’t like it, you clearly aren’t thinking properly and are most likely functionally retarded. If you want a good time travel movie,… Read more »


    I liked the movie, a lot. It was… different. Deep? Not on your life. It asks you to draw your own conclusions, and for some people the conclusion is. “I want my two hours back”, heh. And that’s understandable. The real marvel of this movie is not how deep and intellectual it was(because it wasn’t), but how the director/writer managed to give us two-thirds of a movie and leave half of the audience thinking, “Wow! That was so deep!” Hahah.


    you want mindfunk. watch momento.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    And if you want a mindfuck watch Gozu or Le Procès.

    Memento is pretty reliant on a driving narrative device. Different than a content driven twist like DD. Neither is better or worse.

    The true test is would this movie be as good without the content twist and judging by the mass reaction to the directors cut the answer is no.


    Frailty was a good mindfuck movie

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