is it ok to unconditionally meet with anti-american foreign leaders?

This advert is/was running at the bottom of MCS for the last week.  I clicked through, hoping to find a “Hell yes” button, but alas, I could not find it.  Is this what the McCain Presidency would be like?  Where’s my Yes option?  Does my opinion truly not matter to him?

hey john mccain: fuck you.

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    I hate both of them. But I hate Obama more for his economic policy.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Obama’s economic policy
    What part do hate him for Exacerbate?

    On topic: who decides which foreign leaders are “Anti-American”?


    I’m so voting for Mccain, I wish I could do it twice.

    Insanely Rational

    @The Matrix: Rebooted: who decides which foreign leaders are “Anti-American”? Maybe the foreign leaders themselves? Have you ever heard how Chavez and Admahpajama talk about the US? Liberals think that clowns like those two hate the US because Dubya acts like a retarded John Wayne. The truth is that they hate you because those two are identical to Dubya. Take the worst characteristics of the sleaziest, most corrupt politicians in the US, both libtards and conservatrolls, multiply that by 100, and you might be close to what the Chavez and the Putins and the Mugabes of the world are really… Read more »

    tiki god

    I’d recken it’s the opposing party that gets to make those kinds of alarmist labels stick.

    and yeah, Chaven and president tom are “anti-american” in that they just don’t like us sticking our noses where we stick our noses. you know what happens when you ignore a bully: they get all pissy that their homoerotic crush is ignoring them, build a nuclear bomb, starve their citizens and blow up a mountain. IE, see North Korea

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I don’t know what we’re yelling abooout!

    Loud noises!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Insanely Rational Have you heard about how the talk about the US? I mean have you actually taken the time to listen entirely to their speeches or read the transcripts or do you just pick up the sounds bites chosen by the media? Chavez, for example, offered assistance and free oil during the Katrina crisis. That’s real anti-American. Is Sweden anti-American because the don’t conform to our draconian copyright laws? Is Germany anti-American because they saw through the bullshit and didn’t support the Iraq invasion? And you bring up Putin. I agree, there is a case to be made that… Read more »


    I was hoping someone would mention those ads, they’re driving me nuts.

    “TALK, with the ENEMY? That’s Madness”

    The whole idea of the ad is ridiculous, as are fear-mongers. Yes, they probably ARE anti-American. So? The best way to move forward is to talk with them, and communicate about what the issues are. Refusing to talk to them and labeling them evil is no way to improve things.

    I like McCain, but I like Obama more. Either way, we have a long way to go in this country to learn respect for the rest of the world.


    Well i ain’t voting for a negro. Now excuse me while i put on my robe and grand wizard hat. I’ll be in my pontiac fire bird. All joking aside, i do like obama since he is a very good public speaker but given the current military affairs i do not trust him with the war and any future military plans we may have. Plus he is too radical in his left wing views for my taste. @ stpgod. Yeah it is madness when you are dealing with people who are absolutely hell bent on destroying you and your country.… Read more »


    “absolutely hell bent on destroying you and your country” That’s a little much, don’t you think? If they wanted to attack us, why haven’t they? They supposedly have Nukes, so nuke us already! Instead, WE’RE the ones invading, and making what they see as aggressive moves to wipe their culture and religion off the map. Iran’s President is a crazy guy, agreed. But did it ever occur to you that all the “kill America” shit is just stuff he says to get elected and supported by his own “right wing”? Maybe it’s their version of “lower taxes, no abortions, pro-small… Read more »


    McCain supports a passive-aggressive foreign policy: let’s give them the silent treatment.



    You do make a good point but the thing is is that most countries know that if they were to invade or attack America on our own soil with nukes we would blow their country into a glass and ash wasteland, Your average Destroyer ship in the mid 80’s had the firepower to take out eastern europe. I think that is why most of them are more talk then action.


    If the U.S. has people who call for the wholesale slaughter of whoever they see as our enemies, then why shouldn’t the rest of the world have people who say the same for us? I’m not saying we deserve it, or that there’s any cause and effect involved- there are crazy people everywhere, and sometimes they gain power, everywhere.
    It’s not like Chavez or Mugabe or Putin pose any more of a threat to the lives of U.S. citizens than, say, domestic terrorists, people who go on murder rampages, or bad drivers.

    So they don’t like us… get over it.


    The problem with attacking the United States with conventional weapons is that we have a very long history of preparing for countering those attacks ie the cold war. Getting a nuke anywhere near this country is rather hard. Look at what happened to that poor Spanish freighter that had count them 6 tiles that had been used in the housing of a nuclear reactor being stopped by the US Coast Guard a 100 miles off the coast of the United States. They emanated less radiation then a bomb would. The Iranians don’t have the ability to attack us head on… Read more »


    oh my GOD shut the fuck up, people!! do you know what these greasy people are capable of? DO YOU KNOW?!!?!?! they could be jihading us RIGHT THE FUCK NOW oh noes motherfucking motherfuck it’s an arab, get in the fucking car the best thing for us to do is live in fear of some bullshit boogeyman terrorists; and mortgage off trillions of dollars to private military corporations so that them there sand niggers will stay over there in the desert they could have a nuke, fer fuck’s sake you know they’re gonna do it any day now maybe before… Read more »


    @ army medic. Israel will attack Iran before the USA does. Then the USA will get involved with iran. @Jade, It doesn’t really do with whether or not people like us, it more has to do with people not liking us who want to kill rape and take embarrassing photos of us. I mean i could care less what people think of america, it’s just that when they have the capability to back up what they are saying i begin to worry. But for the most part i think the us is safe. Then again 9/11 blah blah blah etc.… Read more »


    Ron Paul




    America’s problem with Hugo Chavez is that he is a Keynesian pushing for essentially a New Deal for his country, which threatens Western business hegemony in South America. Read Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine (just the first half) for a brief crash course on South American economic history in the post WWII period. And Putin is a danger to the world. Ahminijad reminds me a lot of Khrushchev in that one foot is always in his mouth as he tries to pander and fails. The president of Iran has little power, the theocrats in the country have all the… Read more »

    mumm ra

    Its not like this is some family feud and you can go your whole life not talking to someone. These are world leaders. We don’t have to be buddy buddy with’em but something has to change. Japan used to be the enemy, now they’re an ally.

    Obama ‘ O8

    suicydking'%C3%A9tat The Iranians have had the British and the US controlling their oil fields and the profits from them for 50 years. I’m not surprised they hate us. Until recently, they weren’t even allowed to audit the books to see if the Brits were giving them their fare share of their own oil profits. Say what you want about the culture and politics, they’ve been getting the shaft ever since us westerners set foot in their country. Sometimes our foreign policy makes messes. Our current mentality is to ignore history instead of learn from it. How many Americans really understand… Read more »


    another Ron Paul moment

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m pretty sure the Persians have been getting it up the butt sideways for way longer than that. You know…back to before it was an Arab controlled country and all it was a slavery driven nation and since then its been an Islam controlled one. So the British taking a piece is like robbing thieves. And there’s no honour among thieves.

    The important thing here is its easier to convince some people not to vote for someone with idiocy than the ample factually based criticisms.


    I’m pretty sure both sides have some stuff to talk about at this point.