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It’s been 64 years since D-Day happened.

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    1. acid_monkey says:

      lets hear the troll coments come on.

    2. storminator says:

      My Grandfather was a one-star General in WWII. He was in charge of one of the diversions on that day. He knew how important his task was- but 50 years later- he was still kind of pissed he wasn’t in the real battle. Maj Gen James C Fry.

      btw- FUCK am I glad I wasn’t part of that invasion!

    3. Nemesis says:

      they said casualties were 50%. imagine going there knowing you would have a 1:2 chance of getting shot or killed. all for a war that was pretty much over already.

    4. collegeboy says:

      What the crap are you talking about? A war that was pretty much over already? The only reason the war ended was because we went in.

    5. teezy weezy says:

      Who, the collegeboys?

    6. Flickerdart says:

      Collegeboy, the USSR would’ve punched through eventually. This way it just happened faster, and then the Allies got to keep half of Germany…else the Iron Curtain would’ve been up in Britain.

    7. TheLotusEater725 says:

      The whole USA having the atom bomb thing helped out too.

    8. FlyingMantisShrimp says:

      Russia successfully defending their own turf against a Nazi army that had displayed poor tactical decisions probably does not equate to them probably winning the whole war all on their own, even with Britain’s help.

    9. Sarcastastic says:

      Thelotuseater725, the A-bomb really only pacified the Japanese in the last days of the war, I wouldn’t say it was any tide-turning event overall.

    10. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Are you kidding? We showed the world that we had the potential to wipe out a city if we felt like it. How in the hell does that not turn the tide? Supposedly one of the reasons hitler killed himself was after we dropped the bomb.

    11. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      Supposedly one of the reasons hitler killed himself was after we dropped the bomb.

      Hilter killed himself, 30 April 1945
      Little Boy was dropped, 6 August 1945

    12. collegeboy says:

      Like I said, the war was far from over when the D-Day invasion took place.

    13. tiki god says:

      you’re right about the timeline

      you’re out of your mind if you think the bomb didn’t turn the war. Sure, we had a high likely victory on our hands, but at what cost? There were estimates that we would have to take the Japanese mainland in the same fashion that we took Okinawa, or any of the other outer japanese islands, inch by bloody inch, ultimately costing us thousands if not hundreds of thousands of american lives. The decision to use the bomb was more of a nudge to show the japanese people the inevitability of an Allied victory.

    14. ArmyMedic101 says:

      Tiki your right about how hard it would have been to take the Japanese home islands, the population had been armed with literally everything from firearms to bamboo spears and were quite literally ready to fight it out. The estimates of casualites predicted by American planners were to top over a million to successfully pacify the islands. Two atomic bombs later showed the Japanese military and government decided to surrender because they had no idea how many of those we had lying around. It was in essence the great bluff.

      @ Nemesis
      The war was far from over by June 6th 1944 the Russians and the Nazis were trading blows on the eastern front but in essence were stalemated. If German forces could have been brought to bear on the easternfront not having to worry about a Western or southern front things would have been diferent there. Germany enjoyed technological superiority on the battlefield against the Russians and while they didn’t have the numbers or the resources that the Soviets had they did enjoy a lot of success in countering Russian Armor with innovative tactics. In short had we not invaded and opened up yet a third front for the Germans to worry about they may have fought the Russians to a standstill or regained the upperhand.

    15. gor says:

      There are three main reasons why the Soviets were successfull against the Nazis;

      1. They only had one front to fight and Stalin was deeply afraid that if the Japanese were to attack them the Soviet Union could not cope (remember the US had two fronts and two oceans to win control of),

      2. The Soviet inhuman use of their own personnel blunted their flaws in tactics (massed human waves with few weapons against tanks, starvation of “lesser” groups, mass executions to instill fear, ect.)

      3. American (Allied) aid, which totalled:

      22,206 Aircraft
      151,052 1.5 ton trucks
      200,662 2.5 ton trucks
      77,972 Willys Jeeps
      15,000,000 pairs of Boots
      380,135 Field phones
      40,000 Radios
      1,235,000 miles of Telephone cable
      107,000,000 square yards of Cotton cloth
      4,500,000 tons of Foodstuffs
      49,000 tons of Leather
      35, 170 Motorcycles
      1,981 Locomotives
      11,155 Rolling stock
      12,755 Tanks
      8,701 Tractors
      361,903 Trucks

      All of which was given when the Soviet industry had collasped and these were transported by non-Soviet ships across a the Alantic fulled with German U-boats.

      If it wasn’t for the US industrial output and our determination to face the danger the Nazi’s posed, the Soviets wouldn’t not have survived, let alone have reached Berlin (which we allowed them to do).

    16. teezy weezy says:

      God save America.

    17. foxcek says:

      Spare a thought for the Germans… at least we won! Imagine how miserable their day is!

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