Refreshing Bosnia Beverages

sarajebobear.jpg (17 KB)

be happy, drink a non-alcoholic bear!

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    them damn alcoholic bears roaming the country side rapin’ our churches burnin our womens

    General X

    I am from Bosnia (really) and we are proud of our non-alcoholic bears. They have a very rich and pleasing taste with no alcohol to spoil the fun. Oh, and there is a nice restaurant right next to my house that proudly advertises in English for their delivery “worm on table!”


    I’ll be in Bosnia in 2 weeks, I look forward to sampling your non alcoholic bear, worm on table, and hopefully their alcoholic relatives. Probably won’t be drinking yogurt as a refreshing beverage though, that’s just silly.


    Hmm I’m from Bosnia, and I can say that non-alcoholic beer is not the norm. Everyone likes to drink, don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of alcohol to drink. 😉

    And you should try drinking yoghurt with ‘burek’


    Non-alcoholic Bears? That’s just too cool. Our bears are really unmanageable when drunk… I really need to visit Bosnia…

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