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    i say michelle pfeiffer was the sexiest and best catwoman evar.


    You’ve got to kidding, did you ever see Michell Pfeiffer without make-up (eewww) and she’s not very curvy either. Personally, I think Julie Newmar was the hottest, followed closely by Lee Meriwether.


    Just the opposite for me: Lee Meriwether, then Julie Newmar. But you can’t go wrong in either order. Michelle Pfeiffer is maybe fourth.

    tiki god

    no love for halle berry?


    much respect. i’d go newmar-meriwether, but the fact they got mentioned before crazy halle berry gives me hope.


    I got much love for Halle Berry, BUT she totally jacked up Catwoman…

    She should have stuck to being a bond girl…


    @ Phyreblade

    That’s not even funny, take it back. Halle Berry is hreat, but she scarred Bond forever. Bond moves were never meant to have “yo momma” as a retort… if you don’t know what I’m talking about i won’t make you suffer through the whole film again, just fast forward to the ice caverns scenes *shudder* Oh yeah, and definitely not to knock any catwoman predecessors, but the GENIUS of Michelle Pfeiffer is what a hot mess she clearly is (and was on screen too, ha) pre-falling out the window & then how incredibly amazing she becomes, imo.


    @janits What? you didn’t like the “yo mama!” line? I thought that was classic! I mean come on, how cool do you have to be to come back with a juvenile retort like that under the threat of death? Only James would (normally) have been able to pull that off convincingly, and yet Jinx manages to almost one up James in that regard!! In fact, if you look back at all of the bond movies, James have been known to drop one liners that are cornier than fresh corn on the cob… Io this day I roll my eyes at… Read more »