why the kid was really soo happy

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I guess in the last pic i posted you sort of see why he was a happy kid when i said he could have my toys when i die, well heres the rest of the reason


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    Numero 41

    The swords! I want the swords!


    Dusting must be a pain in the ass….


    Why on earth would you get dozens of nearly identical toys? Voltrons wtf.

    tiki god

    uh, different versions of the same thing? duh? this is why I have 4 or 40 different picards in my office!


    Top picture, Top shelf, far right..
    the little armored animal creatures.. what the hell are they called, i use to have all (i think) of them.. it’s good to know they still exist lol.

    on a side note, after 3 months i’ve finally posted something. yay!


    You must live in a house made out of Fucking Awesome.


    holy christ!


    ha, we have that technodrome! my 4-year-old loves playing with it ^_^


    “ALL HAIL kiltedforbe… THE KING OF THE GEEKS !!”

    (and I thought my Evel Knievel collection was bad…)


    Wow, im envious. I recognize some of the transformers i had as a kid in there. I still remember the last real toy i got was the three headed dragon ship from the first run of the US-modified power rangers. Remember, the one with camp khitomer as the base?

    PS, did this kid find you with the neighbors wife or something and you’re bribing him to keep quiet? 😉

    Cuz i can offer you monies. Hell, i’d want to be buried with them.


    Better yet, you should be buried with just the head of one of the transformer gestalts, or the red lion out of every voltron. that way, the kid always has something to aspire to.


    Can I have your cute little Gizmo in that top picture?

    Also, moving must be a bitch.


    Sir, you are adopting me right now, kthx.


    Those little guys that were asked about by Deadpool… those are Battle Beasts. I used to have all 3 runs of them, including some of the “mistakes”. Were pretty fun to mess with. I even came up with a “battle rpg” based on the toys lol


    Can I move in with you?


    to quote Dean Venture: You have more toys than a little girl.

    but I am jealous

    Mr Tiki for the next image dump maybe we could have MCS users and their collections. I am sure [cause I saw the last image dump] that most people on MCS would have fairly epic collections…I myself have a large collection of PEZ.


    really they’re that rare? i just saw one at Goodwill a month or two ago.
    and even tho he’s a 4-year-old, he does take care of his toys. ^_^ i know, sounds crazy, a 4-year-old being respectful of things. =P


    Seeing this makes me feel like ive been cheated of my childhood.. Do Want!!!!

    tiki god

    I think you might be onto something. practically everyone’s got a collection of something, right? Go float the idea in the forums and see what people thing 😉

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