It’s a legitimate strategy

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    definitely have this shirt, complete epicness


    repost… but it happens…


    Yeah, it’s a legitimate strategy…if you’re a horrible player. For anyone who is at least DECENT at FPS’s, camping is pointless, skill-less, and BORING. I suppose if you’re so horrible at video games that it’s the only way you ever get a kill, it’d be fun.

    (side note: camping is acceptable in modes like cod4’s “Search & Destroy,” not in DM or TDM)

    Not once in my entire history of playing FPS games has a camper EVER had the top score of a round/match, and campers will never get respect or recognition from good players.

    If you feel you need to defend camping, just know that you suck at FPS’s, and don’t tell me “I’m good, but I choose to camp ’cause it’s fun.” If you’re good, it’s not fun. If it’s fun, you’re not good.



    Very good points, I agree, but at the same time, its just a game.


    Yes, I know it’s just a’s just frustrating that the game supports people who suck at it (i.e. World of Warcraft).

    Then again, since 90% of gamers are absolutely horrible, I guess the video game companies wouldn’t make much money if they DIDN’T support the people who suck.


    Haha, so true, I agree, its a lose-lose situation for those that dont suck and play legitamatly, or even those that suck and play legitamatly.


    HAH! It IS a legitimate strategy. And I laugh at you whiners who complain, but can’t do anything about it. Perhaps you are not as good as you think you are? Some of my best/most enjoyable kills come from capping campers…


    And BTW… This is total WIN!!


    Where did I say I couldn’t kill campers? 25% of the time I walk around the corner and shoot them before they even react. 75% of the time they kill me, and then don’t move, so I respawn and kill them. It’s that kill they get that frustrates me.

    Three things have to happen to get a kill in a FPS:
    1. Spot the enemy
    2. Aim at them
    3. Fire

    Campers set the first two up ahead of time. Sitting in a corner, aiming at a doorway, and left clicking once every few minutes when the pixels change. OOH BOY, SO EXCITING. Glad I spent $50 on this game so I could do such an amazingly exciting and challenging activity.


    It’s only a legit strategy if you’re actually guarding something, not if you’re chilling in a corner just playing deathmatch and waiting for some guy to run by you.

    It takes no skill at all to camp. And using the argument “Why don’t you do something about it?” is pretty lame and easy to say when you’re the one sitting in some random corner somewhere. Actually moving through a map and interacting with other people and the environment of the game forces you to develop some modicum of skill in order to get anything done.

    If we’re driving down the same road, and I decide to force you to into a ditch after slipping into your blindspot, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean I’m a better driver than you. It just means I’m a bastard.


    Right on dude, If a camper is taking you out constantly then maybe you need to re-evaluate your skill. They are staying in one spot for the whole game which makes them painfully easy to grenade or shoot.

    Personally i like to camp when i play console games because i am retarded with a gamepad when it comes to FPSes (what is the proper pluralization of FPS anyways?). When it comes to PC shooters the mouse and keyboard more or less negate my need to camp.


    You guys are totally missing the real point of this shirt.

    Campers tent’s are going to catch on fire because they’re not really campers.

    srsly guys, arguing about fps vg. go have rl


    that fire does seem to be pretty close to the tent..


    it is a strategy.

    I’d much rather get camped than random naded


    Camping and it’s relative gayness depends entirely on the game you’re playing.
    Camping is pretty tricky in some games and actually makes winning harder. TF2 for instance. If you camp in TF2 then you’ll have the whole opposing team knowing where you are and gunning for you with a vengence. Camping in BF2 is much easier, but kinda necessary for the sniper class. It still makes you a homogay though.


    There are no such thing as ultimate camp spot. I f you can’t take care off the camper you need to gain some skillz baby 🙂


    The Face levels in the UT series… you can pop your enemies as they spawn for days… If your goal is simply to win vs. have as much fun as possible… the strategy == win.


    Seriously, camping against skilled players and not getting capped is a skill.
    If a player is good enough to get a 75% to 25% kill ratio against me, while camping the same spot the whole time, I don’t care what you say, that’s freakin’ skill… Ain’t got nothing to do with their campiness.
    Never played ANY game where a camper was absolutely untouchable like that… Barring the use of exploits and hax of course…

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