Illuminati Dollar Breakdown

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    wow and all this time I have been confusing the difference between eagles and pheonixs. thanks for the clarification


    E pluribus unum means “From many, one” not the other way…


    Wow, they spent all this time designing the dollar with all these subtly, hidden meanings and I just use it to buy some gummi worms, specifically Trolli’s Sour Gummi Worms.


    so many things in one simple piece of paper but did you notice… wait since when we can have avatars in the blog?????


    Yeah, that is for sure an eagle. Illuminati need a lesson in birds.


    none of the latin translations are even close. I bet this was put together by a freemason to throw us all off


    Since the dollar is basically now worthless, does that mean the Illuminati is too?

    Guess they should’ve put their hidden messages on the thousand dollar bill.


    I love how whoever translated does not know latin…
    Such as “Annuit,” which does not mean anoucning, means something like “with approval”
    And “Seclorum” is not a cognate for secular. It means Worldly or Temporal, making the phrase “New World Order” or a “New Order of the Ages.”
    Thank you 12 years of Catholic school for useless skills.


    So…the Illuminate control spelling too? “Colonnies”?


    What does the “1” mean?

    Is that secret code for “redeemable for 62 Euro cents”??


    teh creepiest part of the dollar bill is the Federal Reserve seal on the other side


    I heard the 13 stars arranged in the star of David represented the 13 tribes of Israel…


    see proof that the dollar is evil!!!!! to save our soul you must get rid of all the dollars ou have!!!!!! since in such a nice guy im willing to take the burden of all your evil dollars 😉


    “spleen on April 23rd, 2008 5:34 pm

    none of the latin translations are even close. I bet this was put together by a freemason to throw us all off”

    I can assure you, a Freemason had no hand in this.
    First, we know what eagles look like. Secondly, not a single one of those symbols is Masonic in nature.
    Lastly, the Great Architect is NOT Lucifer. That’s just a lie, plain and simple.
    I could bring up the obvious errors in the Latin, but others have covered that.


    The All seeing eye is French….the Canadian French variety.
    I’d say get real but, the irony would kill me….


    The 13 stars remind us how unlucky we are. MDCCLXXVI is my elf name. The illuminated eye means that you need fire to kill a Cyclops.


    i thouth that MDCCLXXVI stands for midiclorians. or the brother of mxplxys that wierd enemy of superman.

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