Clown Sewer Lurking

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I see you, Ronald McDonald

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    IT is like psychic vampire version of Ronald McDonald and Pedobear combined. Hunting kids, feeding off of their terror, then stealing their souls.

    As a child this movie scared the crap out of me, but I have to admit that Tim Curry makes one hell of a creepy clown.


    The book is epic


    still want to punch clowns and hate basements because of this movie…


    This movie still gives me the creeps. I should rent it again.


    Pennywise FTW


    The movie awesome – up until the inevitable lame Steven King ending.

    I would love to see Steven King team up with a “closer” to fix some of his lame endings.


    I remember this scene!

    “Everything floats down here.”

    “… That is unless it’s mass per volume ratio is greater than that of water.”


    : I agree 100%. Wasn’t it an alien spider in this one? I mean WTF???? Tim Curry rules as Pennywise but the end…


    & coolghoul:

    Never seen the movie precisely because the way the ‘alien spider’ is explained in the book. (Film could not adequately capture nor explain why it is the characters see an alien spider; just not something that translates well from print.) I recommend reading the book (despite it’s length), though having seen the film may have already ruined it for you.

    And, like monkeys, all clowns are creepy.


    ^^^I wanted to read the book… but I saw the movie first. And after that I did not want to read 1000 pages to have it turn to suck in the last 20.

    Pennywise was awesome…

    There were some good evil clowns in Killer Clowns fro Outerspace…

    Now THAT was a movie that sucked balls. Anyone else see it?


    lol ack
    I actually have. Horrible movie (remember the “friend-voiced” clown (klown?) at the front door). God it was funny though.


    Oh gods. As a child, this movie was only mildly scary.

    But then, I had a weird ass nightmare out of absolutly NOWHERE about a year ago, where he was chasing me, trying to kill me, and NOW this movie gives me the major heebie jeebies.


    Pennywise is good material to scare your kids with. We need more Pennywise pics here…

    On another note, I submitted a Killer Klowns from Outerspace picture.

    It’s so bad, it’s good!

    It’s funny, but sometimes bad movies (such as Killer Klowns) make for better after movie conversation than good movies.

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