Cat Desk Cradle

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    Uhh…move the damn cat? If you move the cat, you can probably work with ease.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Won’t work because cats are genetically prone to sit on keyboards or open books.


    I like how the desk with the cat off the keyboard is much more organized than the desk with the cat on the keyboard. Also, whatever the person is writing looks much more organized in the 2nd picture.

    But really, would the cat go for the pad like that or would it just lie on the keyboard anyways?


    Could always throw the cat off the desk and give it a nice smack every time it tries to come back. Cats may be dense but eventually they’ll learn.


    God damn pussy always getting in the way.


    LOL Au contraire, Cats are not dense. They just don’t care. They just like to mess with people. They’d like people to think their dense so they can get away with more stuff… But i’m on to you, little kitteh… Oh yes… I’ve got all you sneaky kitty cats figured out…

    General X

    That’s some fine acting right there.


    Actually, I think the screen in the first panel is meant to look like the cat caused a letter to repeat.

    As for my cats, they’re usually on my desk or keyboard because they want attention, and having a ‘decoy’ spot for them to sit, really isn’t a bad idea. But it would have to be something for them to lay on, that they -think- you need, or else they won’t go there.


    That cat in the 2nd pict looks like its about to fall off the desk.


    That HoverBed must be expensive.


    Just put a spare keyboard in the cat bed, and everyone will be happy! Or an open book. That would work, too.

    Lord Cocksworth

    Say, I could use one of thesssssssssssssssssss GODDAMN IT KITTY!


    I cannot believe that it is real…

    Dyon 86

    That won’t work, quantum theory predicts that the cat “NEEDS” to be where you don’t want it to be.
    Once this space is occupied then the cat won’t die … or something …