WoW Addiction

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    Oh man I remember this. This was epic on so many levels. If I remember correctly, the fatass in blue was complaining that she didn’t get as much attention, and she thought it was because she put on weight since they got married. The host said it wasn’t her fault and she was beautiful and all the other bullshit they spew at whiny fatasses…and they brought out mr. gay over there to help shred the CD…and you could tell that out of the 200+ people in the studio, the guy was the only one who had ANY CLUE that you… Read more »


    An hour and half a day? Thats it?



    I saw this on TV. People have no idea you don’t need the CDs. Oh, and only an hour and a half? Pussies. You don’t know what addiction is.


    So.Fucking.Epic. 😀


    this is so hilarious.


    Hell, back when I used to play I could be on for a day and a half without thinking much of it.



    I watched part of the video online(couldn’t find the 2nd half) and apparently his wife estimated he played at least 40 hours a week. When she went to the hospital to have her baby, he left at some point to go play for a couple hours but returned in time for the start of her labor.

    Tyra even dropped the line, “He’s not even playing with real people on there!”


    oh wow that is soo fucking retarded i nearly shat myself. i hate ignorance with a passion but i guess i can forgive them because after all its a video game and not many people know or care about it. still . . . fucking retards they should have done researched a little about the game before they put it on their show.


    omit the done lol god im stupid


    Although I never saw the entire video, it’s sound like someone is already an addict but then he/she still don’t want to go on some exercises for the recovery treatment. Why is that there are some people who are don’t really are for there self?
    Suffering from an addiction. This website has a lot of great resources and treatment centers.

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