Snob – It’s an elitist thing, you wouldn’t understand

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    I didn’t know Barack was a 1337 h4xx0r. Guess you learn something new everyday.


    great. another reason to hate the black guy, cliton for pres


    They warned us that the negroes would become uppity.


    I think Stewart said it best, If he’s not better than me then why the hell should he be running the country.

    /not American


    Huh, the guy uses a napkin on a chicken drunstick and all you idiots come out saying he’s a snob ? Maybe you should have added Homer Simpson to the ballot, I’m sure he would have won hands down….

    But beware of one thing, these guys are all alike…
    So believe that CLinton is evil, Bush retarded and that Obama is pure…they’re all cut from the SAME cloth, and have paid the same dues (cep’t for W who got daddy to do it for him…)

    Snarky Parker

    Nothing to do with race, he’s just one of those Ivy League snobs…wish Ron Paul was still in the presidential race.


    Don’t get your Elitist pants in a twist GX. At least Hamas endorses him.