rap music – how to make money in the music industry without making any music

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Its true, get over it

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    It’s like “modern” art – anyone can do it, and it’s truly dreadful, but if you can get the right people to rave about it, you’ll make millions for doing something mothers chide their three year-olds for doing.


    I didn’t realize that everyone on MCS was fucking fifty years old.

    People said “it’s not music” and “anyone can do it” about Louis Armstrong and Elvis and pretty much everyone since then. In fact all music since the beginning of recording music has had that old-man complaint thrown at it.

    You’re just old and stodgy. Stop being boring and maybe your children will visit you in the old-folks home some more.


    It occurs to me that someone is actually having trouble getting over the fact that it is music.

    Alpha Harrison

    I dunno about that Caio, i like a pretty wide variety of music, i even like some classic rap like NWA and Public Enenmy (truth be told, When I Get To Arizona is fucking AWESOME!) but the newer rap is kinda, well, shit. Gimme LCD Soundsystem The Cribs over soulja boi (dick hole) anyday


    There are some rare exceptions, but mostly it seems to be people ripping a chunk of music from somebody else’s work and adding some rapping in between. And no, I don’t want to hear any more lines about how many bitches you have and how you grew up in the hood.


    The part that I love the most is when there’s a news report about some rapper having been shot or killed and I’ve never heard of the guy before.


    Perhaps they kill the bad apples off.


    This pic is funny until you realize that rap is about “rhythmic spoken delivery of rhymes and wordplay” and acknowledge that the text is 100% true and 0% derogatory.

    tiki god

    The end product is music, I guess, sorta, but are these guys the people that’s ‘making’ that music? At least people like oakenfold or moby have a hand in creating the electronic beats and shit. Do rappers have any hand in mixing the stuff? Do they play any instruments? Do they actually ‘make music’?


    In music theory music is composed of three parts. Melody, harmony and rhythm must all converge to create a sound, namely, music. The majority of rap has plenty of rhythm and some harmony, but almost no rap that I’ve heard personally has a melody. If it does then it was stolen from another song and played over and over again in the background, which isn’t a true melody. The only conclusion I can draw from my teachings in music, is that rap is not music on a technicality. I listen to rap, but I listen to GOOD rap. Many of… Read more »

    Alpha Harrison

    Dre does

    tiki god

    Don’t forget about Dre


    @alpha i agree with your first comment @tiki i forgot about dre, i thought he was dead for about 3 years. old school rap was sweet run DMC and such. new gangster rap stuff is like smashing your head into a soft but uncomfortable pillow several trillion times. the songs are faceless and worn out and will get old in a matter of minutes and the rapper completely forgotten in a year unless they are gangraped by a marauding pack of AIDS infected peasants who have just figured out how to use their thumbs. PS the guy on the left… Read more »


    Sampling without songwriting credit has been illegal for a decade and a half. Guys like Puffy Combs can afford to make deals with Zep (though that kind of thing went out of style in the 90s). Unless you’re talking about the richest, biggest producers, sampling is minimal except for beats which are generally distorted beyond recognition. That might have been a legitimate complaint back in ’91 and one that hip-hop fans lob at guys like Puffy, but dismissing all hip-hop because of it is like dismissing all Rock for accordion use. Besides no one sampled more than Public Enemy. As… Read more »


    @3edge: You’re talking out of your ass ‘all music theory’. Every music prof will tell you that all three of those concepts are culturally conditioned. What is found to be melodic or harmonious in East Indian Classical Music isn’t in Western Classical and so on. People swung around to that opinion sometime in the 1860s I believe.

    Stop fucking pretending you know anything. You’re so full of shit.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Its an old argument but one that was never settled properly.

    I dunno…to me most rap sounds like something some primitive African tribe would chant around a fire before raping and then castrating their pubescent women.

    One thing is for sure: it’s no techno.


    just because it is entertaining, and popular does not make it music. Rap can use music, and in a lot of cases does, but they are two very separate things. When you remove everything but the vocals from a rap song, you don’t get “a capella” music, you’re left with rap. wiki rap, if you want- it comes from the combination of a danceparty MC and poetry- some artists write music to go along, some sample, but most of the big names today- the big moneymakers, put rap to a heavy beat, and don’t put any art into it. Not… Read more »


    The only good rapper is Will Smith, the happy rapper.


    Yeah rap stopped being music when it was Run-DMC. But actually that’s just rip-off shit it stopped being music when it was toasting Dreadlocks Dread was the last time rap was music but that was just rip-off shit. I only go for mento that’s when I’m in the mood for commercial sell-out music actually I’m into pre-industrial european folk and traditional central-west african rhythms.

    I decree that nothing that came out after 1580 isn’t really music!!!!!!!!!!! Creativity and change is forbidddddeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn


    ROFL – “Pro Wrestling of the Music Industry”

    Personally I prefer Cypress Hill.




    Caio: Armstrong and Elvis are considered legitimate musicians in their own right because what they did laid the foundation for later genres…such as rock and roll. All rap has done so far is spawn more complex rap. Maybe in another ten years things will have changed, but the genre of rap/hip-hop/soul itself has already peaked. All the “modern” rap artists are doing now is replaying a stale musical style ad nauseum. THAT is why some people say rap is not music. It’s been around for just about 30 years and it still hasn’t proven to be anything more than a… Read more »


    That’s fucking bullshit. 1) First of all I doubt any of these people have actually heard much rap except whatever is playing in other cars or on commercials or whatever. I’m not a huge b-boy or anything but I can already think of a lot of art-rap and weird rap in a whole range of styles. More has gone on in hip-hop in the last ten years than in Rock anyway Also, most of you don’t seem to know the difference between rap and hip-hop. Rap has been around since the 50s (Joe Tex->Gil Scot Heron->Jamaican Toasting, much of which… Read more »


    comics a way to make money as an author without being an author.
    anyone can do this www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SsBtfuSDxw
    but he is a good musician.
    @ mike but elvis just robbed black people.
    all rock and roll has done is spawn more complex rock and roll. maybe in ten years things will have changed and but rock and roll has peaked. all modern rock artists are doing now is replaying a stale musical style ad nauseum. same with indie music, comics, movies, books, all they are doing is building on the past how dare they.


    “elvis just robbed black people” in the ghetto. in the ghetto…..


    the fact that 99.99999999% of rap music is shit (tubegirl kind of shit) and most of it is made by retards doesn’t change that it has some musical value, but for sake of argument the pic is true.


    The first music was probably made by banging rocks and sticks together. Music is older than language.

    Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s not music.

    You guys are hilarious.

    opinion != fact


    @ Caio
    Western musicians and composers were looking at Eastern music before the 60s, at about the turn of the century when Debussy visited the World Exhibition in Paris and was exposed to Javanese music, Gamelan.

    So I believe that the phrase you coined; “Stop fucking pretending you know anything. You’re so full of shit” is appropriate here, non?



    Also you’re a fucking Idiot for saying classical music is barely rhythmic. Use your ears you moron. Beethoven’s 5th is based around a 4 note rhythm and thats one of the most famous pieces of classical music around.



    First of all, love the username. And you’re right that opinion does not equal fact. However, if I may I’d like to refer you to the duck test. In the same way that if it walks/talks/tastes like a duck then it’s most likely a duck, if it DOESN’T do any of those things then it probably isn’t. And rap/hip-hop just doesn’t quack for me.


    I listen to nerdcore rap. MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Futuristic Sex Robots. It’s refreshing to hear rap that isn’t about bitches and bling.


    Saborlas FTW. MC Chris on your list too?


    modern rap = complete crap wrapped in diamonds

    90’s hip hop and rap = awesome (back when it really meant something!)

    You could argue that A LOT of modern “music” isn’t music but completely crap because crap is popular and sells. Fuck…look at modern grindcore music, they too are embarrassments to musicians.


    There’s a simple solution to this: if you can’t hum or whistle it, it’s not music.

    I’m not saying anything about whether or not the thing in question is good, just whether or not it’s music.


    @ tiki

    True in some cases, and a few rappers do actually make their own music, but they call themselves rappers, not musicians and at the end of the day I’m not going to say ‘this music is shit cos they didn’t make themselves’, plus in rap, you gotta look to the lyrics first.


    So anyway, I was watching the Roast of Flava Flav last night. That shit was hee larious! YEAH BOYYEEEE!


    Mainstream rather modern


    The fact that there are a lot of terrible rap artists out there doesn’t detract from the talent that exists in the genre as a whole. For example, this album here:
    is a work of genius.

    If you dislike rap music, that’s great. Don’t be a hater because it’s cool to be a hater.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I don’t have any problem with rap music. It sucks. Maybe it’s music. Maybe its not. It sucks though and people who listen to it are gay. I DO have a problem with the word “hater”. I have a problem with rap culture making up new words and calling them trendy and hip simply because some 3rd grade educated retard like Tupac and Dipstick didn’t know the actual word he was looking for. I have a problem with diva and bling. I have a problem with people embracing this kind of stupidity because of their white guilt. Rap music is… Read more »


    I’m starting to like Magnus more and more.
    His racist bastardism warms my bones on those lonely cold nights.

    Snarky Parker

    Check out Def Jux Records, Ninja Tune Records, The Roots, and undergroundhiphop.com before you talk about something that most of you obviously don’t have a clue about….hit me back when you understand H.E.R.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Can I just hit you?

    Every comment this dumb fuck has made on here has been some bullshit racially biased puddle of piss.

    Check out not being a queer “Keeping It Real”. Your jungle rhythms make people with brains roll their eyes and laugh. Urban cache lasts until you turn 21 and realize its all marketing.

    What a stupid.

    Someone give him a banana and some Colt 45 and send him on his way?

    My racism brings all the niggers to the yard.








    “There’s a simple solution to this: if you can’t hum or whistle it, it’s not music.

    I’m not saying anything about whether or not the thing in question is good, just whether or not it’s music.”



    Caio, rhythm doesn’t equal dance. Anyway, even if it did, what do you think Ballet is, Waltzes etc. Classical music was used as dance music for centuries. Anyway, I’m not gonna pretend I know anything about rap, but I DO know that 20 bars of a Bach fugue has more invention and talent than 20 minutes of rap and, indeed alot of contemporary music.


    Also, that four note rhythm has been famous throughout the centuries. It signified freedom in France in World War Two. It’s morse code for victory after all. Also, you’ve completely missed the point of the 4 note rhythm. Yes, on it’s own its boring and uninspired but what Beethoven does with it, manipulating, transforming etc, he bases his whole symphony around it. You can do alot with just four notes.

    Snarky Parker

    Awww, did I fuck with you Magnus? Am I getting under that skin? Now it’s time for the fun, you fucking fascist…

    I defend the country, …yeah that’s right…I’m in the military. Now you wanna say something like “nigger soldier” or something? Hahahahaha!

    You’re the type of guy who lives on the internet, spitting out your racist views…only to find out…nobody cares.

    Make the world a better place by killing yourself, my dear friend…because you really must have a hard on for me if you keep singling me out.


    I think you’re confusing Rhythm and Good Rhythm.

    I like Beethoven and know exactly what you mean, but I like Beethoven for a lot different reasons than I like King Tubby, Carlos Paredes or Chavez. To me Beethoven is about Harmony, Structure, Melody and, sometimes, bombast. Whereas the above mentioned I like for pure rhythmic strength.



    Not exactly sure why you felt it was necessary to drag the military into this.


    You fail Keeping It Real.

    I care about Magnus’s opinions. And you’re making yourself look like a complete douche, by the way. Have you ever stopped and read what you just typed? I’m sure you said that in real life, someone would slap you.

    Also, Will Smith > All other rappers.


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya you really got me good Keep It Real. You were such an annoying, whiny little faggot that I called you out on it. You defend the country? Which country? Yours or mine? You’re American? I’m not. You’re fighting in Iraq? Get off the computer then, dipshit. Now let’s take a look at what a fascist is shall we? Because I think you’re one of those many simple minded motherfuckers who equates fascism with racism because they saw a movie bouts it once on the talky box. Fascism refers to a unified body acting as one. It has nothing to… Read more »


    Fair enough Caio. My point was that you shouldn’t exclude rhythm from a classical composers arsenal. They used it just as effectively as rappers do today. Again, I have nothing against rappers (and I mean the talented ones who don’t associate crime with their work) but far more work and talent goes into writing a piece of classical music.

    Snarky Parker

    Ha ha ha….you always seem to crack me up, pathetic little man…you actually wasted your morning on this. Yeah, I defended your country, “genius”: I’m not over in Iraq anymore. NEWS FLASH: I’m not defending the nation that Woodrow Wilson would’ve loved for me to have defended…and you probably won’t get that one there, buddy. Uppity….yeah, you sure are a true blue southerner: When you get hot under the collar when somebody actually gets to you (like I do)…you go Rush Limbaugh and start trying to dissect everything that I say to may me look politically incorrect…with a “faggot” here… Read more »


    Keeping, you need to shut your damn mouth. Your military bearing leaves a lot to be desired. And what’s your actual job in the military? For all we know, you spent your deployment sitting in a nice, air conditioned room complaining that the PX’s selection of video games wasn’t up to date. For that matter, we don’t even know if you have ever really deployed, or if you’re really even in the military. And even if everything you said is true, it has nothing at all to do with rap.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What part of I’m not in America slipped past you, Leroy? I am from the south. The deep south…of Canada. In the backwards podunk city of Toronto with it’s handful of 5 million odd people. Ya we’re real backward ya’ll. Did you defend Canada? From who? Last time we were attacked I think it was by America and that was way back when your kind were chained together in fields picking cotton. I’m not narrow minded. I’m quite open minded. Either way you’re still a half wit monkey motherfucker who probably counts his paintball gun and WOW subscription as military… Read more »

    Snarky Parker

    ARGUMET ENDED, BASHING SEQUENCE INITIATED: National Guard my ass…I just proved that my life isn’t going to waste like your Canuck ass is. I don’t need the military to back me up, dumbshit. And as much as I like the Beastie Boys: get your facts straight…hip hop was created by DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx, circa 1979. And for the shrimp boy: My deployment actaully involved me and my crew being in danger, so just shut up about that, bucko. I’ve already contributed to this “site” besides ammo…but the fact that you really think that you’re smart and funny… Read more »