Tupac Shakur

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    haha crappy tats and dead haha

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    thug death.

    tupac was a faggy macgay.


    You think dying would’ve shut the fucker up, but nooooo . . .


    Gargle my balls, Tri. I hate you.

    Honestly, i want you to get on your back, let me stick my balls in your mouth and you make the motion of gargling them like you would water. That is what i curse upon you to do for all eternity.


    Lets see – drug use, alcohol abuse, crappy tats, “thug life”, no snitchin, who knows who he’s shot or stabbed or killed in cold blood.

    May his soul peacefully – in hell. For atheists, may his body be hidden – in a pit of feces, and may it never be found.



    Was he a personal friend of yours? Did he pull your sister from a burning building? Or do you just wish he hadn’t turned you down when you offered him your gargling service?

    Remind me, if you would, what good he did for this world before his timely death.

    And speaking of timely deaths: why didn’t whomever plugged 50 Cent not spend the time to put ONE MORE SLUG into that waste of skin? That last one just might have been the one that would’ve spared us from his mad lookit-me-I’m-an-oppressed-minority skills . . .


    What did he ever do to YOU? Did he fuck your sister? Nope? Shit, well then you should go back to your corner.


    lol ur a fag sorry why get so riled up about nothing. enjoy the taste of failure itll be like ur ultra hetro ball gargling service



    flame war!!!!! hahahaha


    @sorry I used to think the guy was alright. I mean, from one point of view, he was just like so many other disadvantaged black men and he spoke for how they felt, and scared the shit out of whitey. But I also really loved Kurt Cobain because he spoke for angsty self-destruction. Used to. Both Kurt Cobain and Shukur are dead man. And rightfully so, not because they were necessarily bad people, but because what they stood for could never survive, nor poetically did they. That bad ass gansta thing, where would you go with it? Even with millions… Read more »

    purple banana

    Excellent post, stalwart… Couldn’t have said it any better myself.


    You ain’t gangster until you get shot.