Deadly Fire Alarm


or till you get cooked by the fire?

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    Alec Dalek

    Isn’t this really kind of a bad idea? What if a legitimate fire occurs and the firemen don’t come? Sure you’ll catch a few annoying pranksters, but you’ll be punishing your law abiding citizens.

    It’s like all those fucking warnings they force you to watch at the start of a DVD. If I’d copied it, I’d have just removed that part. They could at least remove the no-skip flag.


    But Mr. Dalek, can you not see? This device is for catching pranksters. Law abiding citizens are no pranksters and therefore, this device doesn’t work on law abiding citizens. If you’ve got a clean concience, you’ll have nothing to fear.


    btw: What’s the difference between a legitimate and an illegitimate fire?


    We douse legitimate fires, but we arrest the illegitimate ones. So they can’t continue trafficking their drugs. Bad fire.


    Hm. Locking a person in a potentially burning building. Anyone else think this could be a bad idea?



    I was actually thinking it might be a good idea, actually.


    I think the part that gets stuck on your hand is removed from the box – so you come running out with a stupid metal thing.


    The round thing right next to her wrist looks like the lock to me. The ‘trap’ doesn’t seem to be connected to the alarm device at all. Seems like it’s connected to that bar which is fixed on the ground.


    It would appear that a prankster could reach over the trap and still activate the alarm, or what if the prankster has small hands? Or what if theres a real fire and someone has super fat hands and can’t fit them through?


    Probably back then fire alarms were located outside of buildings, rather than in them. Fireboxes, in other words.