Vibrating Toothbrush


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    Is that what they’re calling it these days?


    I have a Sonicare toothbrush that the dentist talked my mother into buying for me (at $80 – silly woman). It vibrates so much that if you go anywhere near your tongue with it, you gag. But damn does it work.

    tiki god

    Vibrating tongues make you gag?


    That must be the new ORAL B.

    Alec Dalek

    You know what works just as well as a $80 toothbrush? Using a regular toothbrush 3 times a day. That’s all you need, kids. Heck, really you just need to brush after meals. You just need to starve the harmful bacteria in your mouth of sugars. Get that right, and you won’t need any other this other crap they market now-a-days.


    The Sonicare works really well, I’ve had one for years. And I don’t have the luxury of brushing my teeth 3x a day, but you’re right.

    Xylitol-based gum works really well too.


    You don’t have the luxury of nine minutes, at most, of free time each day?




    If you want to do it at even intervals of the day, it’s definitely a luxury. Waking up and evening times are easy enough, but try going into a bathroom during lunch break and brushing your teeth without someone looking at you like you’re certifiable. And I don’t care what those Oral B Brush-Up things advertise, they still make you look like a douche.

    A good electric brush (I have an Oral B Braun that’s worked for a good 8 years) and two minutes a day works just as well (sometimes actually better) as a regular brush.

    Alec Dalek

    Don’t forget folks, it’s not a case of more brushing equaling cleaner teeth. You don’t want to strip that enamel away.




    I brush once a day, every morning, and have never had any cavities or problems.


    I didn’t brushed me teeth in 6 monts and I never had any problem with them. OK, sometimes I spit up blood but I think thats comes from somewhere else.


    U sure ’bout that Hep? LOL