Forign Construction Company sign

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    Construction company ? The text says “Erec-f – Your best erection” and based on the image it seems to be true 🙂

    Those cars look like European cars, and the text is in Spanish so I wonder in what city is that ad (I’m from Spain). Does anyone know where this picture was took ?


    Look at the License Plates, those aren’t european style. Also, u won’t find a car like the grey one, that picture must be from south america.

    : Las placas europeas son mas alargadas y estrechas, ademas solo porque veas el 206 verde, van a ser todos de aqui.. fijate en el coche ese gris, eso tiene que ser en Sud America seguro..


    Construction? Nah!

    My spanish is a bit shabby, but if you look at the actual billboard, it’s cleary supposed to be a phallus pushing against jeans/blue pants.

    My best guess is that it’s for some spanish version of Viagrah or Cialis or whatnot.


    Hello. this is for my country, Dominican Republic.

    ejejej i had not idea who post it. but the publicity’s product is very funny.

    As juan says, it says: “your better erection”. and yes, is a version of the famous “viagra”.

    Hola Esto es en mi país, república dominicana, ejeje no tengo idea quien lo puso, pero la publicidad de este producto siempre ha sido muy graciosa.

    Como juan dice, ahí dice “tu mejor ereccion” y siempre ha habido mucha controversia, sobre todo en su promocion de los juegos de base ball. Es un producto como la viagra.

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