Proof That The Earth Is Round

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    Better check the Koran. Doesn’t say the earth is round, so therefor it is flat. According to some Indian guy. It doesn’t even say the earth is flat. What a fucking dumb conclusion. Fuck I hate religion.


    hm… sounds like sixth grade science class all over again


    Earth would have to be pretty small for this proof to work. Or the ship, the pier and the kids would have to be pretty big.

    Sneaky Snake



    Too bad those ships are filled with Mongol Hordes.


    Hueg ships are hueg.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    WTF, this proof does work. It’s how the ancient Greeks figured out the world was round. Haven’t you ever been to the ocean? There’s even a couple places on land where you can see the curvature of the earth.


    You can see it at the VLA when the dishes are at their largest configuration.


    penguin, please explain…I’m going to the VLA next week. Is this phenomenon visible from the ground or do you have to be up on one of the dish piers to have proper perspective?


    Yeah, I’ve read a few pages about the curvature of the earth now and it seems to make sense to me. Too many formulas – shouldn’t have asked a geologist for an article about that topic.
    The question that runs around in my head is: Does the ship “appear” at the horizon because the earth is round or does it “appear” because things seem smaller the farther they are away from the viewer. Maybe it’s both.


    You can kind of see it from the ground, but only when the dishes are in the widest configuration. The plains are very flat there.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Does the ship “appear” at the horizon because the earth is round or does it “appear” because things seem smaller the farther they are away from the viewer.”
    That’s the whole point about the seeing the smoke (or the sails) first. If it what only a matter of distance, then the whole ship would come into view at the same time, but since the top of the ship comes into view before the rest of the ship, that implies a curvature.
    And if you do the math you can accurately calculate the circumference of the Earth just by knowing the height of the ship and the distance that it comes into view.


    I’ve had people tell me they can see the curvature of the earth at large stadiums — the Skydome, the Metrodome, etc . . . I stopped short of striking them.


    we can also look at the pictures we have taken from space…

    that is of course if you believe those pictures aren’t shopped.


    Makes complete sense, thanks 🙂
    But I don’t wanna do any math. Math is an asshole and as far as I care math could just as well die.


    Thanks, penguin. I’ll see if I can capture a photo…


    If the earth wasnt round then the moon wouldnt appear to be crescent shaped at times, moon = crescent shaped when the light from the sun is partically blocked by the earth… which is round


    But discs are round, too.

    Alec Dalek

    Anyone that still thinks the earth is flat, WANTS to be wrong. They only pretend to think that way to get attention.


    The earth doesn’t exist, it is a lie perpetuated by MSM to get you to buy buy buy. wake up sheeple.


    Fuck you people have good eyesight. Like when I see a ship that far in the horizon it looks like a dot, I can’t tell what part of the fucking ship I’m seeing.

    Seriously have you been to an ocean you can see pretty far out. I doubt anyone has that good eyesight.

    @teen angtheist guy up there:
    Actually it says in the Hindu Vedas that the earth is round. Other sources say it’s flat but that’s hinduism for you: it’s not taken very literally even by devout followers they focus more on the philosophy of it, but you’re an ignorant cunt anyway.

    Also, I don’t know about your everyday Muslim, but educated medieval Muslims took it as a given.

    So in other words your just like a fundamentalist physco, making up hateful and ignorant non-truths about things you don’t even know about?


    Yeah, in Portugal they found a whole bunch of papers of basically people double-checking Erotasthenes’ equations right around the time Columbus would have been living in the Alentejo and probably bugging the king all the time, whereas the Spanish were dependent more on Ptolomy’s equations which made the earth seem smaller than it was. So the deal is probably that King John II thought that the Atlantic was one big huge ocean (how could he know there was a continent there?) while Lizzy and Fernando thought ‘Hmmm China must be right there like 30 miles of the coast’.

    So that’s the true story behind that.

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