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driving from New York to Florida…. Im going to have to say that is Interstate 95 in the lovely state of Virginia. “Welcome to Virginia, go 2 miles over our limit, SWARM SWARM SWARM!!!!”


Actually, I think this picture is on I-66, near Front Royal. The same sign is all over Virginia, and this is like the 4th photochop I’ve seen showing an Apache next to the sign. Funny thing is, I was on the beltway (I495) the other day and saw an Apache about 100 feet above the highway, just sort of hovering there. It startled me so badly I just about wrecked. Wish I had had time to take a picture. Seeing a rocket-toting gunship 100 feet off one of the busiest roads in the country… scary as hell.


See them all the time in PA; of course we’ve got the most active heliport on teh East Cost @ our guard base…..